Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kilted to Kick Cancer

Team Hast Kilted to Kick Cancer Selfie

It's Kilted to Kick Cancer Time! Each year Home on the Range highlights one of the gun bloggers who is donning the kilt to kick cancers keestser!

As my Dad has fought this dreaded disease for several years, it's a cause I hold close to my heart. Thanks to breakthroughs in treatment helped by generous donations to organizations such as Kilted to Kick Cancer, Dad has had several years with us, he might otherwise not have had, a generation ago. Still - one in 38 men will die from Prostrate cancer.  Let's reduce those numbers.

I'm a bit late to the party with the move and the new job this month but here it is!

This year we're highlighting

Michael Hast of  -

You can visit his blog for the daily postings about the fundraiser as well as see a video of Michael petting a spider while wearing a kilt (I would have been waiting in the safety of the jeep) or another one of his beautiful wife Jennifer shooting a 50 cal in a vinyl cat suit  (thanks Michael - ,my offer to just put on a dress for dinner for my husband tonight now pales in comparison).

Take a look - there are many great teams to donate to, you can list you you like in the checkout process. Look for the drop down menu as you check out for the teams.

I'm doing it for my Dad. (Pictured here with Barkley, on his 88th birthday).  You've got until the end of the month to get in your show of support as well.
Go donate toward the cause here.

Go Team Hast!

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  1. Thanks! It is an honor to be able to match the donations this year. We've been blessed. This is a great cause.


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