Monday, October 10, 2011

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Time to calculate the tragectory!

I tend to tinker with things in and out of a lab and a shop.  Sometimes the results are good, sometimes they are removed in a bucket with hazmat sign on them.  Still I continue to tinker.

I decided to make a batch of dark chocolate laced chocolate chip cookies to take to work to share and found I was almost out of butter. I'd been fighting a cold bug the last couple of weeks and hadn't really done much shopping. I then remembered a recipe of my grandmothers for cookies during the depression that used bacon fat. Do you think there is any of that in the house? Any food is better made with meat, from breakfast (which cereal do I want, Scrapple Jacks or Honey Bunches of Goats?) to dinner (I didn't know you could deep fat fry an entire cow).

So adding a little bacony goodness to cookies is beyond simple.

I simply replaced half of the butter in the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe on the chocolate chip bag with bacon fat (which before storing, I strain if the bacon bits left in it are really burned, otherwise I just use straight). I also added an extra drop of Penzey's Mexican vanilla and a tiny pinch of cinnaon and cayenne.

The results? Plump and perfect, the perfect porcine product. Absolutely better than the butter or (ugh) Crisco versions. Did they taste like bacon? No. There was only the barest hint of smokiness in the background, blending with the dark chocolate, much like the subtle bouquet of a bottle of good wine.

click to enlarge photo

But maybe you shouldn't listen to me about the wine thing. The last time I was asked to sample an expensive bottle of wine in a snooty restaurant at my hotel, it came out something like this.

Wine Sommelier (not to be confused with Sommelier Pirate): Miss, what do you think of the Cabernet?
Me: A nice undertone of khaki but a heavy wine like this should be used only for hand-to-hand combat. What do you have in a Pinot?

But trust me on the bacon chocolate chip cookies!