Monday, October 10, 2011

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Time to calculate the tragectory!

I tend to tinker with things in and out of a lab and a shop.  Sometimes the results are good, sometimes they are removed in a bucket with hazmat sign on them.  Still I continue to tinker.

I decided to make a batch of dark chocolate laced chocolate chip cookies to take to work to share and found I was almost out of butter. I'd been fighting a cold bug the last couple of weeks and hadn't really done much shopping. I then remembered a recipe of my grandmothers for cookies during the depression that used bacon fat. Do you think there is any of that in the house? Any food is better made with meat, from breakfast (which cereal do I want, Scrapple Jacks or Honey Bunches of Goats?) to dinner (I didn't know you could deep fat fry an entire cow).

So adding a little bacony goodness to cookies is beyond simple.

I simply replaced half of the butter in the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe on the chocolate chip bag with bacon fat (which before storing, I strain if the bacon bits left in it are really burned, otherwise I just use straight). I also added an extra drop of Penzey's Mexican vanilla and a tiny pinch of cinnaon and cayenne.

The results? Plump and perfect, the perfect porcine product. Absolutely better than the butter or (ugh) Crisco versions. Did they taste like bacon? No. There was only the barest hint of smokiness in the background, blending with the dark chocolate, much like the subtle bouquet of a bottle of good wine.

click to enlarge photo

But maybe you shouldn't listen to me about the wine thing. The last time I was asked to sample an expensive bottle of wine in a snooty restaurant at my hotel, it came out something like this.

Wine Sommelier (not to be confused with Sommelier Pirate): Miss, what do you think of the Cabernet?
Me: A nice undertone of khaki but a heavy wine like this should be used only for hand-to-hand combat. What do you have in a Pinot?

But trust me on the bacon chocolate chip cookies!



  1. Sounds decadent...
    Reminds me of a recent indulgence in Atlanta-
    An Old Fashioned made with bacon-infused rye whiskey and house-made bitters and citrus oil..
    Oh my.


  2. Rifling? Is the pig hollow-nose?

  3. My grandma had a similar recipe for peanut butter cookies. Such recipes are best shared with others, so that the cook doesn't eat the whole batch.

    Grandpa loved gradma's cooking & cookies so much that he died of a heart attack quite young. (Other contributing factors to early demise may have also included heat prostration as a young farm hand, double pneumonia before the advent of antibiotics & diphtheria throughout his lifetime.)

  4. I'm gonna have to try this. A few weeks ago, I used bacon fat in a biscuit recipe, and like you said, while there was a 'hint of something', you would never say 'Oh my gosh, BACON!'

  5. Mmmmm bacon fat. My mom is Texan, so bacon fat was a staple in our diet.
    I actually have a strainer/storage vessel in the fridge, stamped "GREASE" on the side. It has a built-in strainer to filter out the crusty bits. We would spread those on toast.

    Substituting bacon fat for half the butter in cream gravy takes it to a whole new level of yumm......

    Damn, now I'm hungry!!!!!!

  6. You're killing me, again!
    I'm hungry for things I shouldn't have, and I just ate!
    AAARRRGGGHHH! (Chocolate chip cookie pirate)
    Food Porn! And on a holiday, too!

  7. Actually, bacon chocolate chip cookies, with the bacon bits left in mind you, are totally AWESOME. Seems like bacon and chocolate would NOT go together, but they do!

    After all both bacon and chocolate are 2 of the 3 things that make everything else better. How can you go wrong in mixing them? The 3rd thing that makes everything else better is caramel.

    Now, caramel covered chocolate chip cookies... THOSE would be totally decadently awesome!

  8. The Big Guy - that would put a martini to shame!

    North - I did notice a couple of Naca Scoops in his nose. Since those will aerodynamically draw air in from the surface boundary layer air stream with very little penalty of drag, the pig will not lose lift and also won't overheat, at least until such time as a fry pan is involved.

    Guffaw - The bacon fat also works well in ginger and oatmeal cookies (in the oatmeal ones I chop up some bacon slices and add some salted pecans). Let me know if J. would like the recipe for those for her collection and I'll email it.

  9. And just by coincidence I need to bake something for lunches and I have a pound of bacon in the fridge. This one is going into the rotation!

  10. Whoa woman! You done made my Monday! Chocolate+bacon=spectacular

    You never cease to amaze me with your thinking...or is it cooking "outside the box". I would have NEVER thought to use bacon grease instead of bacon bits. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try this out on Rambob and FYI...this will be added to my 101 ways to cook with bacon grease, hahah.

  11. Hmmm, I'm a bit short on bacon at the moment, would duck fat work? I've a whole jar of that waiting for me to do something....

  12. Also, assume a spherical pig of uniform density.

  13. The cookies look wonderful! I do have Bacon fat around here, go figure. Oh, yes pigs given enough thrust will fly fine. RFC 1925 gives us the truth: "Callon Informational [Page 1]

    RFC 1925 Fundamental Truths of Networking 1 April 1996

    (3) With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine. However, this is not necessarily a good idea. It is hard to be sure where they are going to land, and it could be dangerous sitting under them as they fly overhead."

    And then this one from the same RFC: "It is always something

    (7a) (corollary). Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick any two (you can't have all three)."

  14. Now that looks good...

    The wife, no so much a fan...

    I told her I'd eat her share...

    Dann in Ohio

  15. Chocolate chip cookies with bacon grease sounds great next time try a little Cayenne pepper it is great in chocolate brownies.

  16. Eric said...
    Also, assume a spherical pig of uniform density.

    That is so made of win it has its own classification.

  17. Brigid - the original joke goes like this:

    A physicist moves to the country and promises the local dairymen free lectures in exchange for milk and cheese. After a few weeks, the farmers get up the nerve to ask the physicist if he's going to ever give a lecture. He tells them he'll give the first one tomorrow.

    The farmers all gather around the chalkboard the physicist set up on his porch. He draws a circle and says, "assume a spherical cow of uniform density..."

  18. You set a mighty fine table, ma'am.

  19. Wishing science would catch up with science fiction, and we could have a replicator sitting next to the computer, so we could instantly have those cookies in hand, but something tells me if it were real, everyone would be fat, lol...

  20. Alright, I surrender!

    Since it has been raining all night and the forecast for today is continued rain, I'm going to have to give these obviously gastronomical delights a try.

    Damn the diet today!


  21. My daughter is turning out to be quite the baker - I'll pass this recipe on to her - it's good to stretch her perspective and get her to adapt.
    Can I borrow that quote/line about the cabernet? That should come in handy someday.
    btw, I tried your bourbon-bacon burger: A-OK!! I will go with a less lean selection of beef next time-the near fat free stuff I used didn't seem to hold all the goodies very well. A minor engineering fix.

  22. I grew up with a container of bacon grease in the fridge. My mum used it for French Toast on Saturday morning. To this day I can't eat French Toast unless it tastes like bacon, and I have my own jar. I use it rarely for FT (trying to stay somewhat svelte) but also for my own refried beans instead of lard, and now for chocolate chip cookies (which will be shared with everyone the same reason I don't make lots of FT).

    Thanks for yet another awesome sounding recipe.

  23. I love the sound of this combination. I haven't succumbed to trying the whole bacon/chocolate chip cookie thing yet, but this just might draw me over to the dark side. The bacon grease sounds like a great flavor along with the chocolate. The bacon bits, not so much.


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