Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colorado - Scenes in Black and White

From the mist there comes a train
a vision of noise and steam.

Vital glory not tempered by time
headed East for suns first gleam.

Bridging a gap of deep drowned past
moving onto mournful plain.

Abandoned dream and memory
washed clean by wind and rain.

The whistle sings the sad lament
of love once unafraid.

A song of melancholy rails
for prices we have paid.

What is it of a train that draws
beneath this heedless sky?

Escape or fire, strength, desire
I could not tell you why.

But I find it hard to turn away
with unremitting breath

Machinery fueled by fires might
inhaling life from death

Too late to catch but not to dream
its lure for me won't wane.

For gathered now inside of me
the ghosts of trains remain

- Brigid


  1. "For gathered now inside of me
    the ghosts of trains remain."

    Beautiful poem and B&W photos. Gotta go now, there seems to be some dust in here....

  2. Awesome! I'm lovin that last pic.

  3. Someone just left me a hint on the sepia photo editing for the "old thyme look" and I hit the wrong button and their comment went "poof". Sorry.

    Thanks though! I wanted black and white for these but will check that out.

    I decided against photoshop. Just have what will do light and contrast and color.


  4. Fun Place, was there two weeks ago. Talked with a couple of friends, walked around a bit. A place where time stops, old it grows not, reaches out and grasps, tugging at strings deep below.

  5. I love trains. Thanks for the pictures!

  6. Man.....I love steam locomotives!

    There is one, the 4449 that resides in Portland, and every year it makes an excursion down to Sacramento. It is a diesel burner, the last one to run the West Coast route. When it comes past at 60 mph, it really thunders! What a rush to be standing next to the tracks when it roars by!

    There is a train museum in Sacramento that is supposed to be the cats meow for train lovers like me.

    Some day.....sigh.


  7. I was there way too many years ago. Road Trip!!

  8. So... did you take the tram up Pike's Peak?

  9. You're Forgiven.

    I'm not a big Photoshop fan either, but I used to teach Photography and sometimes I really miss being able to "Burn and Dodge" to bring out the clouds in the sky or the details in the shadows of my Digital Images.

    If you've got something like Roxio's PhotoSuite look for something called "Tint" under "Overall Quality". To start off with take the "Tint Balance" to max to see what color the tint is going to be. Hunt around on "Tint Color" to get the right shade. The Sepia Tone on the Olde Tyme Photos comes from the silver in the print tarnishing and turning brown. Once you've found the color tint you like take the "Tint Balance" down to get the effect you want.

    I'm Olde School in that I still use Jasc's Paint Shop Pro where the controls are found in "Colors" and then "Colorize". The controls then are "Hue" (Same as "Tint Color") and "Saturation" (same as "Tint Balance". Whatever program you've got should have something similar.

  10. Mrs. Crucis and I have been up the Cog Railway to the top of Pike's Peak twice, and three times on the Durango-Silverton RailRoad to Silverton and back. Would love to do both again, although I don't think I'd take the thin air on top of Pike's Peak as well as I did the last time.

  11. Everybody's said it: Love steam engines. One of my main obsessions. Those old 1870/1880s engines were some of the most beautiful machines made. Golden used to be home - and still is for my "stuff". Spent much time at the museum.

    Did you get a chance to get down to the San Juans for the Durango & Silverton or Cumbres & Toltec (a "quick" 350 mile jaunt from Golden) - or even over to South Park via Kenosha Pass where many remnants of the old DSP&PRR remain - particularly the Como roundhouse and depot?

    Idaho Bob: The California RR Museum in old town Sacramento is well worth the trip if you like trains. UP's 844 and 3985 are rather impressive as well.

    Brigid: Thanks for a "happy" blog. No reality doom and gloom

  12. Great Pix. Thanks for sharing.

  13. quizikle: UP 4004 up in Cheyenne is a nice engine as well.

  14. I've been on the Durango-Silverton route, too, long ago, and to the RR museum in Eureka, California, but not Sacramento.
    IIRC Manitou is named after an Indian spirit, and Manitou Springs has a naturally carbonated spring, which, naturally, tastes something like the mineral water for sale that is carbonated artificially

  15. Windy - welcome! Thanks for the story on how the name came abour. I am definitely going back to this museum as each tine I go ,I learn a little bit more.

  16. "Sandra" - There are no advertisements on this blog. The occassional charity, but no advertising.It's going to stay that way. Good luck


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