Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feed a Cold - Spicy Oven Fried Chicken

Right now, I'd say not very.

Even non preppers know the value of a good bowl of chicken noodle soup. My cold last week lasted two days, went away, and after three days in the field and two days lecturing at a conference and poor sleep, decided to say hello again. Much of my family is sick with the sniffles and crud and half of my team is out as well, so I guess it's just that time of year. I have four days off and was looking forward to a visit to Brigid Jr's out in Colorado, but later this month will be better anyway (mmmmm Elk steaks). So I will enjoy a few much needed days off as best I can, getting caught up on sleep, reading and perhaps later some new (well, new but very old) dies someone gave me to eventually reload Mauser ammo.

But I do need to eat, the "carbon dated for freshness" airport cellophane sandwiches this week didn't do wonders for me. But I don't want soup, I want something with a little more substance (i.e. crunch and spice but not greasy).

Spicy Oven Fried Chicken. I've posted an oven fried chicken recipe before but for this one I replaced some of the flour with cornmeal for some extra crunch and added a spicy chili powder mix from Penzeys Spices, Italian seasoning, seasoning salt, fresh pepper, and grated Parmesan AFTER dipping the chicken in a buttermilk brine. Old NFO, I apologize for the peas but you will like the chicken.
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Whether you're "feeding a cold" or just had a few tough days in the saddle, it's comfort food at its best.


  1. Sorry your still under the weather and hope you feel better soon.

  2. For new readers, if you click on the recipe name in bold you will get the recipe.

    Cheers (achew!) B.

  3. Sport Pilot - Thanks. I've been burning the candle at both ends, work wise, lately. That type of thing is cyclical, in 3 weeks I may feel like the Maytag Repairman waiting for the phone to ring.

  4. Hope you feel well soon. Chicken looks mighty tasty. Take care and get well soon.

  5. Colds are no fun. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  6. You can always use additionally, crushed corn flakes as a binder with the cornmeal and flour. I make a batch every so often and store it in a tightly closed food container. add a little oregano to taste, put in a closed, sealed baggie, and shake. And dipping ahead of time is optional in milk.

  7. I hope you feel better soon. Relax. Just remember we are NOT getting out of this alive.

  8. Sorry you're under the weather. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Hope your feeling better real soon.
    My favorite feel good chicken recipe can be seen here:

    It Has Lots Of Bacon...!

  10. Right now, I'd say not very.


    Me, I like to boil chicken legs until they're dead, err, tender. Pull the meat from the bones ("Crunchy frog!"), add rice, season appropriately (eastern, or Provençal, or Italian, or Mexican), and serve with fresh baked bread.

    But keeping the, err, dinner, in line - that's inspired.

  11. Sorry to hear it's reared it's ugly head, again.
    Get better!

  12. I understand. Right now, I feel like a steel band is constricted around my head, and a little gnome is slowly tightening it. Colds do not come around very often, and I try to get rid of them as fast as I can.

    Colloidal Silver and LOTS of liquids, for me. Maybe when this thing is gone and my taste buds return to normal, I'll try out this chicken.



  13. Sassy - no test, if I go to the doc he'll say "cold" and send me home. I'm staying off work today and will rest and stay away from friends and small people so I don't give it to them.

  14. Brighid - My mom did something similar but no bacon. THAT's a nifty idea.

  15. Brigid, I hope you feel better very soon. I will try your you know I love to cook..thanks.

  16. Peas; little green ball bearings. Great with spaghetti.

    Ok, ok, I like unusual combinations.

  17. You mean Old NFO doesn't like those bright little green balls? Me either, I love the ones that come in the can with the juice! They taste just like the earth they are grown in. My kids called them"dirt peas", but I call 'em food for the gods! And the juice----Nectar!

  18. I hope you perk up soon. I felt the need "the need for chicken fried bacon" yesterday and because it involved a trip to Texas AA&M I looked forward to it. In the little town of Snook some 15 miles from the campus is the only place to find that dish. Big pile of CFB and bowl of gravy and Real iced tea...MMMM what's not to love.

  19. Brigid,
    If you ever find yourself driving through Milwaukee on highway 45, you will find a spot that smells really nice (a rarity for Milwaukee). Penzys has a packaging facility near the highway and spicy goodness fills the air and makes the mouth water when driving by it.

    Really hope that cold is gone by now! Safe journeys.

  20. Brigid,

    Tried your chicken (with a few modifications based on ingredient availability).

    Don't have your chili spice brand so used "Mohave Chili Powder" from the local Spice Hut.

    Don't ever have anything called "Poultry Seasoning" around so just added Thyme and Sage.

    Not sure what Buttermilk Brine is so just added some sea salt to buttermilk and dredged the chicken in that.

    Didn't think to actually look at the recipe so just went from your description.

    Baked it in an uncovered casserole dish for 45 minutes in a 375º oven and it is incredible.

    Thanks for yet another great idea.

    PS Still haven't tried the Cornbread Waffles but they're coming soon. I hate to make them just for me so am holding out for company or family gathering. Instead I used them for inspiration on waffle related posts. :)


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