Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's NOT like on TV

click to enlarge, from XKCD

On the other hand the TV scientists never discovered that if you have a linolium floor, some chalk and liquid nitrogen you can make little hovercraft. . . . .


  1. Your pictures don't show your ponytail...

  2. But what I see Abbie doing every week is true, right?

  3. Maybe you just need to drink more caf-pow:-)

  4. Geez...I kinda, sorta, idolized Abbie...

  5. Brighid - I'm a huge NCIS fan (the old one not the "new" one which is just annoying).

    Abbie rocks, but I am going to pick apart the science quietly (as I sip on my large slushee)

  6. Real life work never seems to be finished as quickly as work on TV programs.

    Watch out for that slushee brain freeze! No doubt the slushee will be long gone before you're done picking apart the science, ballistics misinformation, lousy procedures, etc.

  7. Wait are you telling me all crimes aren't solved an hour after they're committed?

    Latters. I'm off to start my crime-spree.


  8. Josh - be careful out there :-)

    In a previous job I built a case and testified against this fellow (BAD dog, no biscuit!). Complicated case involving multiple three latter agencies. As we were leaving the chamber, in front of our attorney, he said "When I get out, I'm coming for you and I'm going to (rape you)".

    Being the shy, delicate flower that I am, I responded "Great, bring someone with a dick".

    Probably NOT the thing to say and the attorney about swallowed his tongue trying not to laugh.

    When he got out, I had folks watching me for a few days, but he's not tried it.

  9. Somehow, Ms Brigid, I would expect that if he did, he would end up with multiple GSWs, and perhaps some blunt force trauma and deep punctures as well.

    If more women had your armory, fewer would have problems.

  10. Ah hell B. Burning stuff and looking at the IR scans is iffy at best!

  11. Something else to throw into the crime scene stew.

    From today’s Eng email.
    Adhesives help tracers improve shooters’ aim

    "Unlike conventional tracer rounds, which are almost exclusively used by the military, Glow Ammo is a cold tracer. There is no potentially dangerous fire or flame.
    It consists of a small “dot” of chemicals applied to the back of a bullet by reloaders, i.e., shooters who, in essence, construct their own bullets. When the bullet is fired, the chemicals capture energy from the expanding gases and convert it into light, according to the company."

    Murphy's Law still governs: "Tracers work both ways"

  12. Ha! that made me laugh. It was one of the better parts of my day.

  13. Why all the Abbie references? I've always pictured Brigid as more of a Ziva type--a combination of brains and super tacticool skilz.

    And I wanna hear about the little hovercraft!

  14. 75% of the computer forensics course I took last spring was understanding the laws regarding admissibility of such evidence.

    NCIS never shows McGee and Abby hunched over the DoJ Search and Seizure manual trying to determine if they need another warrant to open a file that may prove an embezzler is a murderer. OTOH, it is much more entertaining than ssmanual.pdf.


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