Thursday, October 20, 2011


A short trip but a great one. Shooty son in law had to get to work so my daughter drove me to the airport. There, I had a couple of hours, watching people as I waited. The lines of people going through security, their faces as bored, yet rapt, as the faces of cattle. People running, a bag on wheels chasing them like a rabid dog, hoping against hope that their next flight was delayed. Overly tanned women wearing big fluffy boots that would last 15 minutes on an Elk hunt, families with children, one dude in leather and and odd hat that I could only describe "Biker Mime" and a young lady in enough white fur, sparkly fabric and feathers that she looked like she'd just come from an audition for Good Witch of the North. But it was fun to people watch, looking at the happy smiles of those arriving where they wanted to be, and the profound and bleak gravity of those that only go home to an empty house or an empty heart.

My house may be empty of two legged folks, but there will be the four legged one and a call from someone far away, making sure sure I landed safely. I pick up the call with a rush of released breath, happy to be connected across the miles.

No food on the flight resembled actual food so I was pretty hungry when I got home.

It was hard to leave but it's good to be home to kill the fatted Yeungling.