Thursday, October 20, 2011


A short trip but a great one. Shooty son in law had to get to work so my daughter drove me to the airport. There, I had a couple of hours, watching people as I waited. The lines of people going through security, their faces as bored, yet rapt, as the faces of cattle. People running, a bag on wheels chasing them like a rabid dog, hoping against hope that their next flight was delayed. Overly tanned women wearing big fluffy boots that would last 15 minutes on an Elk hunt, families with children, one dude in leather and and odd hat that I could only describe "Biker Mime" and a young lady in enough white fur, sparkly fabric and feathers that she looked like she'd just come from an audition for Good Witch of the North. But it was fun to people watch, looking at the happy smiles of those arriving where they wanted to be, and the profound and bleak gravity of those that only go home to an empty house or an empty heart.

My house may be empty of two legged folks, but there will be the four legged one and a call from someone far away, making sure sure I landed safely. I pick up the call with a rush of released breath, happy to be connected across the miles.

No food on the flight resembled actual food so I was pretty hungry when I got home.

It was hard to leave but it's good to be home to kill the fatted Yeungling.


  1. Steak looks good. I grilled tonight, too.

  2. The "Better/Best Half" is away at a seminar so I was planning on Grilled Tequila Chicken with warm tortillas and fresh salsa for one. But after looking at this picture, I may have to make mid course correction and head to the Piggly Wiggly to get a steak to grill!

  3. That whole plate looks good!

    Glad you're home ok, too bad you couldn't stay longer though.

  4. Ribeye, marinated in a bit of olive oil and 25 year old balsamic vinigerette, drained and then rubbed with applewood smoked salt and a dash of white pepper and grilled. Potatoes dusted with garlic and rosemary and roasted with green beans that were then tossed with just a little bit of real butter and parmasan. Yes, Barkley got a tiny plate.

    Breakfast was a yoghurt. And I got the full "that's right, they're not silicone!" screening at the airport because I was off duty and couldn't ethically pull the badge out.

    I earned it.

  5. Glad you are home! I tonight totally rednecked the soup recipe RobertaX posted this week. I guess it was a suggestion instead of instruction.

    That plate looks better than mine tonight although the soup came out better than I thought!

  6. Glad you're back and safe. (and now stuffed!)
    Good you didn't make Barkley suffer. (like the rest of us - viewing your succulent repast!)

  7. Ah yes, people watching in the airport... :-) And wondering WHO let some of them out of the house looking like that...

  8. Glad you're home safe. Bet Barkley is glad too. Dinner looks scrumptious.

    It is unfortunate that airport security is not allowed to profile folks. Of course, that probably would not deter some of them anyhow. Has anyone "accidentally" stepped on an airport security officer's toes with small heels while being searched by chance? - Ballast and PSI.

    Sleep well.

  9. Isn't it nice that it is so good to get home - one of the best things in life...

  10. What that ribeye really needs is some eggs and hash browns with it.

  11. I want to laugh at the "Full thats right they are real not silicone" comment but seriously, its hard to laugh at the way the Giverment handles airport security.

    Glad you are back safe and sound.

  12. Glad you're home safe, elated you had a good time with special ones. That meal looks beautifully, scrumptous and I want it NOW.. with my morning coffee ;)

  13. Did ya sample any of the red Irish beer while at the mountains?

  14. Speaking of "fatted" food. Mrs. Crucis has a dish she calls "Fatted Calf." Basically it is a rump roast, slow cooked with onions. When the onions have been cooked down, the roast is sliced and served with brown gravy made from the onions and juice from the roast. Served over mashed or roasted potatoes or over rice with corn or other veggies on the side.

    The secret, according to Mrs. Crucis is the slow cooking, the onions and some secret spices she adds by the pinch.

    A variation is to add beef stock or bullion and steam the roast as it's cooked.

  15. i really like that picture at the head of your post. There's something about the combination of gold and blue. We have a lot to thank Mother Nature for.

    Good to see you're back home all safe and sound.


  16. That meal looks damn good to me.


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