Monday, March 19, 2012

Blog Meet!

It was perfect weather for a day outside, or time with friends. Broad Ripple was humming with activity. With the outdoor seating at the Brew Pub full not long after a couple of us arrived and our usual family area seating spot hosting a kids birthday party, the waitstaff took us to the ("are you all over 21?". . . uh, that would be a yes) pub area. It was darker, but very cool and comfortable with lots of seating.

Our beautiful and charming hostess Roberta X.was not feeling well so we missed her (get well soon Bobbie!) However Midwest Chick and Mr. B. ,who weren't able to join us, sent down a classic sci fi book for me to deliver to her, one involving ham radios and cool spaceship technology. Thanks you two, I'm sure she'll enjoy it.

Tam, our blogmeet co-hostess arrived and took her place at the head of the table, passing out copies of the latest Concealed Carry magazine (yay!!) with our favorite back page authoress in fine form in each issue.

From 12 o'clock - Tam being the one with the green St. Paddy's Day "Moustache on a stick!" (impress your friends, scare small animals, soak up beer!) that I found in my travels.

(You can click on the photo to enlarge.)
Moving clockwise, Tam, my empty seat, Nathan, The Jack , Kerry (official Lurker #1), Old Grouch, Engineering Johnson.

Arriving a few minutes later (still playing with brand new camera, our blog photographer got a really lousy photo of the full table), were Mad Saint Jack, and official Lurker No. 2, retired military aviator and shooter of all trades, Don.

There was cheese dip with fresh bread and giant pretzels, fish and chips and chicken planks the size of well, actual planks. Of course, being gun and knife show weekend, there were conversations on that. I didn't go, still enroute from the wedding in yesterday's post, but Mad St. Jack had some finds in personal protection and Tam scored with a purchase we'll let her tell you about. Mad St. Jack gave a few of us a copy of "God, the Gunman and Me" by Jeanne Assam, a true life American hero (a full book report will be coming up later this month). Conversations were varied as always, adventure -"340,000 volts under the Sea!", why XD's aren't taking over the gun range, Glock grips, food, physics (please read Newton's laws of motion before trying to straddle a beam, just a word of advice), engineering marvels and stupid human tricks.

Too soon it was time to head home as a couple of the folks had long drives ahead.

Till next time!


  1. These things always look like so much fun. Maybe one day...

  2. The usual suspects in other words :-) Glad y'all had a good day!

  3. Always a delight to talk to you and E.J., and all the others.

    But, I'm a retired Marine who was a crew chief on Hueys and Cobras. Out of 3700 hours in Hueys, I only have about 20 or 30 of stick time.

    It's a lot more fun in the back. We got to shoot real big guns and didn't have to pay for ammo (the GAU-2 fires 3000 rounds per minute).

  4. Please share - why aren't XD's taking over the gun range?

  5. Tango Juliet - hope the tornadoes missed your town!
    It was a good time.

    Larry - come on up any time, you'd fit right in.

    Don - as knowledgeable as you are on all things piloty, I figured you as the PIC. Always, dutifully impressed by your background, and it's fun trading stories. We both enjoyed talking to you as well. Hope your bride is feeling better.

    Eric - the one I had to shoot (a family members) I really liked but others with a LOT more actual range time around them (and shooty experience spoke of misfires, more than normal during intense training sessions. Not all of them, just a few, but sure enough, if I bought a new one it would be the problem child.

  6. I will get up there for one of those! It just has to be with tour guides for the Indy 1500!

  7. That is so cool that you all can get together.

  8. My problem with the XD (and similar handguns) is the trigger safety. After 50 rounds, the safety tab begins to raise a blister on my trigger finger.

    A gunsmith I have used in the past warns against the XD because many parts are not available from Springfield thus requiring the gun be sent to them for service.


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