Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Warriors

You're not going to eat that last Bacon Maple Scone, are you??

The weather was most unpredictable, but those close to me were safe, despite some (as Roberta X called it) "Garbanzo Bean Sized hail", scary winds, and candles out just in case. (plus instructions for "need beer now, HELP" in Semaphore Code). Thanks to everyone who dropped a phone call or an email checking on us to make sure we were OK.

I was up at Oh, Oh Dark, Thirty for the Monday drive to the city for the week of work, a drive that with ice, took an extra hour, followed by a 10 hour day. So, just a few photos from the weekend. There were moments of silence, for the victims of the tornadoes, for Borepatch and his Mom on the anniversary of his Dad's passing, plus joy for those little successes, a gal friend with the best new job that was worthy of celebrating, the comfort of friends and loved ones, small moments that meant a lot.

A good, but simple weekend.

Food, including the last of a batch of Maple Bacon Scones.

Learning more about tinkering with a Sassy British Automobile project.

If any of you, (other than Midwest Chick, Mr. B., E.J., Peter and Miss D.) can guess what this is, you win the totally unofficial and no prizes, "Top Gear" award.

Good times at the Irish Times out West.

Books and other items of interest.

Some home cooking from the Periodic Table of Meat (click to enlarge).

And of course, those adventures that are best left off blog. . .

Love - Brigid