Saturday, March 24, 2012

HUNGER GAMES - Coming to a Freeway Rest Stop Near You

I guess there's times you're driving down the freeway, stomach empty and rumbling and you think. "Dang, I wish I could have a giant prepackaged lukewarm dill pickle right about now."

If you're traveling, travel safe, the weather is pretty ugly tonight up north of the Ohio River Valley. If you're home asleep, consider yourself fortunate to be in safe and warm.


  1. I try not be judgemental, but the thought of a vending machine pickle turns me the color of that pickle...what's wrong with a Whatamacallit?

  2. A pickle, a ding dong, a nice cold coke. no way are you going to fall asleep. you will have to jump.


  3. Are you going to the NRA thing in St. Louis in April?

  4. Suzy-Qs, Dong-Dongs and Snickers are STILL food porn, albeit not Brigid approved food porn!

  5. I'm home safe and warm. Just wish I could sleep. Like greg, I'd pick the wahtamacallit too.

  6. greg - can't say I've ever seen a dill pickle in a vending machine before. I passsed on the Whatamacallit. I have borderline low blood sugar. Not enough where the flight surgeon was ever worried but if I go long periods without food and then eat sugar and no protein I get sick. I normally carry peanut butter, crackers, cheese sticks and such with me, but once in the while I I litetally hit the door running.

    Cindy - no, I'm on call that weekend.

    Guffaw - I liked Suzy Q's as a little kid. Now, if I have to watch my calories a bit I'll go for a few bites of something homemade and good, not packaged junk (OK, except for the incident where a friend showed me where he hid the box of Crows).

    Stephen, I hope you get some rest. My problem is I'm used to waking up early, if I work ery late, I STILL wake up early.

    I'm off today, girls day out with Tam, OK, I got 5 hours sleep, it's worth it, first girls day out since I busted my knee in December, no cane and I can actually move (sorta) quickly again.

    Later all!

  7. I didn't know Dill Pickles were Bachelor Chow.

    Maybe there's room in the vending machine now since the makers of Twinkies has gone bankrupt.

    Sniff sniffle....

  8. What?? Wait... you mean they had these and I didn't know about them?

  9. Brigid - I can't find a link to send an e-mail so forgive the note here. I have a TR2 or TR3 (not sure which) transmission looking for a home. Free to anyone that wants to pick it up. Non overdrive. I am not far from your stomping grounds. Send a note to terrapod99 at yahoo dot com if any of your circle are intersted.
    Cheers - Edward

  10. ...and you know how the day's gone when I'm staring at the vending machine, contemplating if it's worth $3 to drop the powdered donuts and coconut donuts to get to the chocolate-coated ones...

  11. Whachamacallit isn't bad, but the Butterfinger Crunch is along the same lines but better.

    Problem with those pickles is you open the package and spill a gallon of brine in the car.

  12. Favorite movie quote regarding a vending machine: "My stomach ain't felt this bad since I had them fish sticks out of the vending machine at the Phillips 66." Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector(2006) XD

  13. I tend to stay away from food dispensing machines because I don't want to have to answer to the Coca-Cola company if I don't get the President of the United states on the line.


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