Thursday, October 3, 2013

Guess It Wasn't the Dove - Sporting Clays

Taffy Dale: Guess it wasn't the dove.

Grandma Florence Norris: They blew up Congress! Ha ha ha ha!

A sudden influx of UFO's!
Oh wait, those are made of clay. Well, I need to do my best to protect the planet from the onslaught of flying discs! I  haven't done this in a couple of year,  but if shop class can save the entire planet in Armageddon, a cross eye dominant redhead can take out a few clay flying things.


How do you recognize those that keep the earth safe from Martians? They're law abiding, they're vigilant. They keep their guns pointed away from the good guys. Namely the gun is pointed up. Up is the key to shooting things flying things launched into the air. Though I guess you could wait until they land and steal your women and then blast them, but the collateral damage is usually not worth it.

Get them airborne. . .

Uh,  or maybe not.

Guys? Are you sure you can't fling a barn door with that thing?


Shooting clay cross eye dominant makes for some interesting ejection avoidance gymnastics that are probably illegal in some Bible Belt states.  Choices - do I position where I can actually see my target or have my brass whiz past my teeth at .80 Mach.


President Dale -   "Little People - why can't we all just . . get along".


Sue Ann - I tell you one thing, they ain't getting the TV!

Martian Translator Device -  Don't run! We are your friends!

Ack! Ack! Ack!


I got them.  Unfortunately, they're not tasty, even with fava beans.
Anyways, there's nothing more satisfying than painting a big black sootball in the sky. :)   If you get a chance to go, please do.  (And don't believe the Martian Translator, I saw CNN on the back of the device).

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  1. I suggest an O/U. No ejecting shells to distract you.
    Tried out the skeet range at our gun club for the first time with gf and her dad. Either I've slowed down or the throwers were set too fast. Didn't even see the first bird from the low house.

  2. Maybe I mentioned this before, please excuse me if so:

    My buddy is cross-eye dominant also. While he shoots a handgun "cross-eyed", IE: right hand, left eye, he shoots long guns left handed. Like me, he does very little shotgunning, but shoots rifles a fair bit, including at Camp Perry back in the 1970's. Today, it's mostly groundhogs and .22 target shooting.

    Of course, you could try to find a LH shotgun. Or use an O/U or side-by-side. Those at least would solve the ejecting-in-the-face problem.

  3. "Shooting clay cross eye dominant makes for some interesting ejection avoidance gymnastics that are probably illegal in some Bible Belt states."

    I have an Ithaca Model 37. Bottom feed, bottom eject. Doesn't matter which side I shoot from. And while I'm right eye dominant, I prefer shooting left handed. Doesn't seem to matter, though. I've been known to miss equally well shooting from either side.

  4. Does cross eye dominance really play a role in skeet or trap shooting? To me it never felt so much like AIMING but more like timing and hand eye coordination...where you just make the gun point where you are looking then a bit ahead... Perhaps that is why Im not a world champion shooter too :)

  5. You're STILL doing better than I am... sigh...


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