Sunday, October 13, 2013

Squirrels in the Yard! - Range Report on the Browning .22

I've got varmints in the yard, tools to put away and Hawaiian Macaroni Salad to make to go with the burgers to be barbecued.
 But first,  I got acquainted with a new "classic" firearm that was picked up a couple of  months ago.

Stop in tomorrow for a full review of the Browning .22.
Don't shoot the varmints Mom - Squirrels are tennis balls thrown by God.


  1. Grind those varmints and make burger to go with your salad, remember head shots only can't waste that meat times are hard and only to get worse 1 shot 1 kill those shells do not grow on trees.

  2. Wanted one of those rifles since I was a kid. Found a Belgian made one in myfavorite shop about 12 years ago. Tack driver accurate with Federal Lightning. Absolutely won't feed conical bullet ammo like Rem Viper.

    Has Barkley ever actually managed to fetch one of those "tennis balls thrown by God"?

  3. But barkley, they taste so much better than tennis balls. Especially if Brigid is doing the cooking. Happy hunting.

  4. "Don't shoot the varmints Mom - Squirrels are tennis balls thrown by God.."

    How can you argue with that, "Mom"? *grins*

  5. Until I came to your identification I was about to say your .22 looks like a Topper. Actually, now I see you ID it in the title, as well. Mentally lazy the last several days...

  6. Heh... Love Barkley's expression... :-)

  7. old oakie well, this was just Tishler's prime cow, but still pretty good.

    Hat Trick - this is one of the Japanese ones, so not a collectable, still a very fun little rifle.

    RichD - it's been too long since I had you all over for dinner, we'll have to rectify that soon.

    Doom - indeed.

    Mathew - it does look like one, actually.

    Old NFO - he gets to get up at o'dark hundred and drive back to the crash pad tomorrow, he won't much like it, but I will indeed enjoy the company.

    The Hawaiian salad was a hit, and I'll post the recipe in a couple of days.

  8. 'tennis balls thrown by God' ... Love it! Here's what my dog did to his Squirrel

  9. LOL! Like the tennis ball analogy.

  10. I don't know if you have any nearby neighbors. But if you want to take care of that squirrel problem quietly see if you can pick up some CCI Quiet 22LR. These rounds are super quiet, especially coming out of a rifle barrel, and will kill if you hit the head or heart area. These rounds, when fired, sound like a medium to loud handclap. The only issue is that these rounds don't have enough juice to cycle the rifle's action. So you shoot and then manually pull back the action to eject the brass. I hate squirrels with a passion and only wish I lived in an area where I could legally "take care" of them myself.


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