Friday, October 4, 2013

When Black Labs Dream


  1. Where did you hide the cookies MOM.

  2. I smell bacon, I want bacon...

  3. SNORT! That is too funny, Brigid! I have met an all black GD like that, named Gage. If Batman had a dog, it would've been Gage.

    Hope you enjoyed my visit to Radial Land...

  4. *snort*

    I'm suddenly reminded of the college professor who taught my speech class and explained on the grading rubric for one of my speeches that Thomas Paine wasn't relevant to today's college student.

  5. Rob - Dad's wanted ham and eggs this week, but Bacon will be waiting when I get home.

    Old NFO - thanks for the phone call. I'll be heading home in a couple days.

    Monkeywrangler - At a flight school I worked at as a CFI as a teen, one of the guys had this Doberman that was one of the meanest looking BIG black Doberman's I'd ever seen. His name was Wally. He was the most unscary dog I'd also ever met, so friendly and good natured. I will catch up on the radials, this connection is so slow I've not visited any blogs this week.

    Mathew - thanks for stopping!

    Katherine - indeed!

    Everyone - all is well, though yesterday was an adventure. I had to make a run to the grocery in the city. Dad wanted to come along to say hi to the lady in the flower department who gets flowers for Mom's grave while I grabbed just two things. We agreed to meet in 5 minutes by the coffee place. 30 minutes later - no Dad. I went all over the store twice. He does not have dementia, and doesn't wander off, though the last time we were here and the line was really long, he grabbed the interphone off the register and said over the PA, in a great imitation "this is Elvis, open up the Bakery".

    I remember he'd talked about getting a flu shot this week and looked in the little pharmacy. He'd decided to get a flu shot (he said they didn't have Taquila shots) and there was a waiting room there for that I couldn't see when I'd walked by.

    I think it's revenge for my teenage years but all of you with elderly parents can relate.

    He had a good day, I got him a new lamp for his living room to replace one that was beyond electrical repair which resulted in me tangling with a wasp in the parking lot "I AM SPARTA! sting sting!" SWATTTT. I'm not at all allergic but it was a good excuse for a medicional marionberry shake before the ferry home. Then home to homecooked dinner and (oh joy) another night of football (actually the Iowa Texas game Thursday was darn good, but I'm NOT a football fan). The man had a martini, a plate of roast chicken, both remotes and a bowl of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for later so he was quite happy.

    But it was fun while BigBro was in the big, BIG city for medical follow up for a couple days.

    I may actually have internet tomorrow for a bit anyway, so stop on back.

  6. That would be Chloe's dream too, - We usually store the bread on top of the fridge.

  7. Oh, that is a dog you can't hide the treats from, for sure.

    Glad to hear you had a good day - when you finally found him, did any efforts to scold him feel as futile as yelling at a cat? Or did he just give you this impish grin of "Ha! Got you back for that one time when you were three..."

    May the swelling go down soon (did you hold the nice cold shake on the swelling sting? That's what makes it medicinal, for me...)

  8. Thanks for the update (and yes I can relate the wandering off part LOL). And I'm sure the wasp didn't win that attack.

    Enjoy each moment even if they're giving you a hard time. :)

  9. Marion Berry shake?

    Didn't he serve 6 months for crack cocaine possession?



  10. Oh yeah! Those marionberry pies near the ferry are regionally famous.

    I think I just gained a few pounds looking at the picture.


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