Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hot- Like a Cow on Fire!

For Secret Squirrels or any other kind (yes, some of you are going to get the reference) this is a great spicy stir fry that uses an inexpensive small bit of round steak, and will provide a meal that will match any dinner at a Thai or Chinese place (and you don't have to tip!)

If you are prone to fainting, heatstroke or Victorian "the vapors", please reduce the crushed red pepper by half or if you are Midwest Chick, double it. Peas are optional , Old NFO :-)

 - Brigid


  1. Pass. I sweat from BBQ sauce..:) Oh what the hockey puck you only live once. LOL

  2. It looks marvelous! Though I'd need to scale it up to feed 5, and probably cut the heat down to half what you list here...


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