Thursday, May 22, 2014

News Flash

Today was a good day. The Book of Barkley has finished the copy editing process and tomorrow will go to production. It's finally happening, to be in bookstores and online and e-book apps by early summer.

Even better, a box arrived in the mail for me.  I'd been wanting a fancier camera for some time.  I was so happy that my friend Keads gave me his little point and shoot when my little $80 camera died, it was so much better than what I had and he'd taken really good pictures with it.  But I'd got to play with my friend M's Canon EOS 7D and just loved it (it takes some dandy air show pictures).  But I just didn't want to spend the money as Dad's care is my responsibility and keeping him in his own home as he wishes, with a nurse, adds up, even with some insurance coverage. I am a firm believer that "savings" is for necessities in an emergency, not "wants", so I wasn't going to buy one for a while.

So I just pointed and clicked and would raise and eyebrow at Partner and say, "I wonder what I could do with the BIG camera". (Gentlemen, that's known as a  whack on the head with a "clue by four")

Today I will find out. But I have to say, I have the best husband in the world (even though when he proofed the Book of Barkley he grinned and said "needs more car chases and explosions :-)
I haven't even learned the settings yet and I'm loving it already.  (camera shy dog meet long range lens!) I took a few test shots before night set in, just to see what it could do with various textures and lights.  

You know, life deals you some blows, but when you have something to look forward to, it makes all the difference in the world.


  1. Nothing like a long lens for getting natural shots of your animals as they act differently (just like people) when you point something at them. Maybe it goes back to the monkey with a stick thing.
    Don't forget to have extra batteries!

  2. Wow. Now I have to have one.
    It obviously automatically chooses and frames interesting subject matter.
    Chooses the right lighting.
    Unless of course you had something to do with that.

  3. Really looking forward to the Barkley Book. Your pictures are already wonderful - as it is the one holding the camera that makes the picture what it is. You'd take great pictures with my Mumma's old Brownie. Your pics and your writing always keep me coming back for more.

    Anyway, Abby is beautiful - black satin coat and beautiful lines. So glad you rescued her out of the unending hell that is a shelter. Dogs are stoic creatures but they still have nightmares.

    Fair Winds and Following Seas!

    Cap'n Jan

  4. New toy - fun stuff!!

    Enjoy learning it, you surely have some fabulous talent and great models to work with, too.

    Yes, there are times when life knocks you down, but having something/one to look forward to can make all the difference in the world.

  5. Oh great now we will have to see even more food photos?? My blood sugars will raise just looking at them now. Glad it worked out well. have a great holiday weekend.

  6. Woot Woot! Can't wait to read the book! Congrats on the new camera! The pics are stunning! In Partners defense can there ever be too many car chases or explosions?? :)

  7. I'm a Nikon guy myself, but enjoy the new camera!

  8. WifeV2.0 and I anxiously await TBOB.

  9. Still excited for the Book Of Barkley. Thanks for the bookstore part of that because the move has hit another snag and at least I don't have to worry about an address in time. Even better, I get to stand in a bookstore and annoy everyone around me to "must buy this book! you can't miss reading it!" ( :) )

    You did pick a smart husband, LOL. He catches on quickly, hehe. Should be easy to figure out and then you'll discover other things it can do so- it'll definitely get used often.

  10. You're gonna love the 7D. I have had one for 4 years now and enjoy shooting it as much as the day I bought it.

    It is a robust platform, durable and reasonably well sealed. Mine has been through pretty nasty conditions and has always cleaned up well. Though it little beat up, it still works very nicely.

    Though no longer my primary camera, it is my second of a two unit rig. I keep the long lens on it and the 7 fpm capacity allows me to shoot a lot of frames in a hurry.

    Enjoy, you will learn something every time you use it!!!

  11. "...when you have something to look forward to, it makes all the difference in the world."

    That right there is the jist of many a pastoral counseling session.

    And congrats on the new camera - I look forward to seeing the results here.

  12. "Home on the Range" has been included in Sites To See #372. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  13. Watch with the blowback from the clue by 4! (by the way, that term may now be considered stolen) You got your just deserts, I suppose it's only fair to spread the joy? *bam*

  14. Sweet! Can't wait to find out it is in stores! (The Book of Barkley, that is). BTW, what will be the published title?

    The camera is a lovely one too. Good of Partner to cotton onto your 'want', without you actually having to get the 2x4 out.

  15. Very pretty, and looking forward to your 'explorations'... ;-)

  16. Enjoy the new camera! Can't wait to see what it sees =)

  17. Good choice for camera!

    As for myself, I'm looking at investing in a Nikon D90.


  18. A nice camera does not a photographer make, but a good tool in the hands of someone that knows how to use it...
    Personally, I was amazed at how many option opened up when I got my 'big camera'. Have fun and play with it a lot. And you might just go ahead and get a bigger hard drive for your computer.

  19. Your Partner In Grime is awesome. Yay for camera! We got so lucky on finding the best men, didn't we?

    Looking forward to the book - even if it is light on car chases and explosions!

    ...if Abby manages to knock a triumph out of gear and into neutral, there'd be a car chase, but explosions might be harder for her to manage...

  20. I've got a nice Nikon (you've seen some of the pics), but I don't have the eye of the artist that you do.

    Your shots with your P@S were always waaay better than I could ever come up with.

    Have lots of fun with it!

  21. God bless you for taking care of your dad.

  22. THE BOOK OF BARKLEY... When I first read the post title I thought, "Great one of the best bloggers has finally put some of her great stories, recipes and pictures together in a book". But a photo book is great also, your pictures. always say so much. Do consider a Book of Barkley as a title for a book of wisdom, encouragement and general making it through life stories.

  23. Sunnybrook farm - you take such good photos (I just loved the car boneyard ones) so thanks for the encouragement.

    Ed - I just had it on manual setting and I don't have photoshop, so that's just what I got pointing and shooting with two different lenses.

    Cap'n Jan - Abby is beautiful, and just wants to please.She was in the shelter over 4 months, I want to make sure she knows she is never going back there.

    Andie - the instructions are more complicated than an airplane AOM, but I'll figure it out.

    Rob - thanks for sharing the darling grandbaby photo with me.

    Sarah - I told him "well there were car chases and explosions but those were when you were out of town so they just went in my personal diary".

    Drjim - it's a beauty!

    Ken O - thanks I'm hoping another month and it will be ready.

    naturegirl - I'll make sure you get an autographed book, when it's out.

    Capt. Schmoe - that's good to know.

    Rev Paul - you've seen some on here, taken with my friends camera, but it will be nice to have one with me all the time.

    Jerry E Beuterbaugh - well thank you! I am honored. Thanks for taking the time to write.

    Doom - bam! haha

    Monkeywrangler - Book of Barkley is it's published title, author name my initials and married name.

    Old NFO - need to find a tractor show or air show to take some more

    Keads - that little one you gave me will still get a lot of use as there are times I can't really lug a big camera around. Thanks again!

    Idahobob - that's a great choice as well.

    Jennifer - I have frankencomputer, there's no telling what we can add to it.

    On a wing - we did indeed :-)

    Marty - your hunting shots are amazing, especially the ones from Africa.

    Stormdrane - go down a few posts, there's a paracord dog leash, you inspired.

    Jeff - I do what I can, he doesn't want to live with me, even bought a house with a mother in law set up a few years back to entice him to, but he's not leaving that house he's lived in 60 years, outliving two wives in it. I make sure he's cared for, round the clock if needed and fly out every few weeks. Could have bought a house for what the airfare has run, but it's all good.

    David Michael Wade - welcome back! The Book of Barkley isn't photos, it's a full blown novel, with hopefully, lots of faith and inspiration and dog tales. There will be a website to go with it that will have photos to go with the stories.

  24. As the Japanese say when presenting a gift: "It is a boring item." I hope it serves you well for a long time. Oh, I have Camera envy =)

  25. Ms B,

    Nice Camera...

    Good Boy, Grime.

    In other news,
    I can't wait for the dead tree version of TBOB to go on sale....

    Rich in NC

  26. Great choice on the camera Brigid. Take it from me- it is complicated and it is best to accept that and knuckle down to figure it out.

    For a time I took much, much better pics with my old , simpler and inferior camera just because the 7d was too smart for me.

    PS they're hard to find because they're so awesome and sell out as soon as retailers get them but Tamron has come out with a 150-600 mm lens for about a grand. It is hard to find anything close to a negative review and salespeople whom I'm trying to give money have told me pass the Canon up that is closest in price/power and wait for the Tamron.

  27. With that camera, you can easily learn the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ASA (the old film speed), and have much fun with depth of field.

    Have fun with the new!

  28. So glad to hear that you have put a perfect title on a book that I look forward to reading. Congratulations on the completion of your Novel. To those who have followed your blog over time... there was never any doubt you have a unique perspective of life to share.

  29. Congrats on the DSLR, even if it is a Canon! :p

    Looking at all the previous photos on your blog, I'd always thought you were already using one - which means you have a photographer's eye.

  30. Brigid, will the Book of Barkley be available in the UK?

  31. Keads - what if you give a machinist a set of boring bars?

    Gewehr98 - some of those taken on outings (such as the airshows and shooting at the range days) were taken with a close friends EOSD7 but the majority of the photos and all of the home and cooking ones were with the point and shoot.

    Rich in NC - I'm pretty excited about it as well. It's a door stop of a book, in size, but again, it's not all about a dog

    el chupacabra - that is SO good to hear. I'd not used one indoors before and those first pictures weren't good at all. Yesterday, playing with the settings, I got some good photos in the house and in low light.

    Mac from Michigan - I did some shots with depths of field and some flora and fauna. I'll have a montage of pictures up tomorrow, as I return to go back to work.

    David Michael Wade - coming from someone who is indeed an artist, that praise is very appreciated. Thanks.

    BadFrog - Yes, it will be available through Amazon U.K., both print and e-reader types.


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