Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Not All Girls

 Not all girls are made
 of sugar and spice,
 and everything nice.
Some girls are made 
of adventure, fine beer,
brains, and no fear.


  1. Hear hear!

    Although I've noticed you'll put spice in your cooking....

  2. The last time I went to the range the girls outnumbered the boys by approximately a two to one ratio.
    Things are looking up in our little corner of the State of Jefferson.

  3. Addenda: As a young man I discovered the poetry of Robert Service and Kippling.
    They may not be Yeats, but my juvenile mind related to the inhabitants of the poems because I these knew the types men and women portrayed in them as family members and other storied characters in my limited world.
    The Female of the Species is still one of my favorite cautionary tales that I am wont to share on the males of the younger generation.

  4. Heh, I 'know' a few of those... :-)

  5. Hi Brigid,
    Thanks!! That is refreshing!! Forget the "Foo-Foo drinks," the Lady that tips a "Fine Beer" and sports a grin makes my day!!
    Blue skies,

  6. And those are the very best kind!!!


  7. So where are all the single cute lil' red-haired gun-totin, scotch drinking girls? Did you break the mold? Maybe they're all smart enough to avoid me, heh.

    Scotch recommendation, Ardbeg Uigedail. Apologies if you already review it, I haven't been blog hopping much lately, but its about the "scotchiest" scotch I've ever had, peaty, smokey with a lot of other complexity. In the $60-ish range.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Patrick! I don't think I have tried that, and must now.

      Not sure any molds were broken, but we're apparently still somewhat of a rarity. :-)

  8. Yep! Met some of them. Well, WOMEN, anyway...
    Haven't met enough...


  9. Yep, and they're game for spontaneous adventure, no unnecessary containers of bangles and face paint to weigh things down.


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