Thursday, April 4, 2013

North Korea - The Musical! On Earworms.

You all have experienced it, you get a little bit of a song in your head and you can NOT make it go away, good or bad. (And it's usually bad.)

I was scrolling through the news last night very late and the headline was "How do you solve a problem like North Korea?  Suddenly the song about Maria from Sound of Music came into my head and listening to the news reporter, I could NOT get it out. .

How do you solve a problem like N. Korea?
How do you stop that strike upon your town
How do you find a word that means N. Korea?
A flibbertijibbet! A will-o' the wisp-supreme leader!  A clown!

It only gets worse so I will spare you.

So I will send you a little bit of alternative earworm as I tried out the record function on my new camera.  It was edited to be just a bite as anything bigger wouldn't upload to blogger, but at least playing some music in the house got that song out of my brain. (And be thankful only guitars came out, it could have been my violin.)
Now for something that will knock your socks off by two musicians that regularly are heard on my truck stereo, a duo who furiously combine flamenco and metal shredding on acoustic guitars.  When you hear the tracks it's hard to believe all that musical fury is created by just two people, a young man and woman.

For those unfamilair with Rodrigo Y Gabriela, enjoy, it starts slow, sit back, pour a sip of something and let the music fill more than your ears - Brigid