Sunday, August 10, 2014

Canon Fodder - Sunday Strolls (with Bacon!)

You can't start this sort of post without bacon.  I made the world's fluffiest pancake batter and Partner in Grime did the cooking.
Amish Bacon. How I love you, Beef Mart.

Partner has been working a lot of overtime lately.  This last week was especially busy for him.  I knew he really needed the caffeine when he started the coffeemaker without putting the pot under it.  Yes, that drawer WILL hold about a pot of coffee.
 He cleaned up the mess AND cooked me bacon. I have an awesome husband.


These were left out with somebody's trash when they moved.  Nice Rubbermaid, easy to clean up with the hose to reuse.

We'll add that to this one with camping and brewing stuff that needs a good clean. 

 Abby enjoying  her Sunday nap.  Partner took her for a long walk while I got showered and dressed.
 Church bells are ringing and the sun is shining.  Let's walk today!
 The day is just going to the dogs.  Two rescue pups we met  
 You better not post that on your blog, I'm not having a good hair day.
 A pretty doorway in an old neighborhood.
Another one.

Hey, it's past lunch time.  Let's go take a little side trip and have some Fish and Chips!

Am I weird to want this in my house?

 MMM.  Fish and Chips.
These aren't little bitty pieces of minced fish. Yum!
 I have no idea what this firearm is.
This lamp was really cool.
I spotted this old sign while jay-walking.
  A find at a nearby bookstore.  I think that's Murphy's Law and Old NFO there :-)
Another pretty little house.
Everything was fine, then we got pulled over. Fortunately, Mom called them in for a snack and we were let off with a warning.
My people are home!

Homemade Pasta.  A little of that cooked  and tossed with a little olive oil, fresh basil and  lots of broccoli and a sprinkling of fresh Parmesan cheese, you've not had a better light supper.

Then time for a little music as the light fades. 
You know, we were pretty busy today and it's been a long, long week.  I think it would be a good night to turn in early.  See you all tomorrow!


  1. Due to an ambiguously located statement, I can't tell if we are supposed to think you are weird for wanting a figurehead, or a collection of whisky.

    Either way, you are my kind of strange.

  2. I was doing fine until I saw the fish and chips, that is so good and we have trouble finding any around here that isn't some frozen breaded minced fish thing.
    I'd say it was a good day, with bacon of course.

  3. A drawer to collect the coffee!
    How clever.
    Wish Scherie had thought of that 30 minutes ago.
    You've given us an idea to put the pot over a catch basin.
    Love the pictures.

  4. Love that hanging lamp, all kinds of character in that one.

    I think it's ok to assume all of us here are happy you have a new camera :) One more awesome way for you to tell us a story.

  5. The bookcase? Not weird. It would probably be a match to the rest of them at the Range...
    The antique typewriter? Safe from NSA snooping! Just ask the Germans. Not weird either.
    The figurehead? I don't think it weird, but then I have a fondness for nautical things. However I think you'd have to find 'just the right spot' for it at the range lest it be mistaken in the dark for another midget suit rack!

  6. And now you know why I have the kind of coffeepot that we have at the house....

    Although it is confuzing when you forget to put coffee in it......

  7. Fantastic! Looks like a great day from here.

  8. The Range doesn't have a Bialetti Moka and Pilon stash?

    Amazon sells the 6 cup Moka in packs of two. I'm not sure if that SKU is meant for restaurants or someone with a *severe* caffeine problem. :)

  9. Nothing better than a man that cooks for you.
    And if you're weird for wanting that, I am too

  10. Don't forget to use bleach when hosing out those Tupperware boxes. That possum crap is nasty stuff.

    What? Where do YOU keep your possums?

  11. og - I keep them in YOUR garage :-)

  12. Very nice... and no, that's not me on the cover...LOL :-)

  13. Although someone smarter than me will have to verify the firearm appears to be an Arquebus or at least a copy.


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