Saturday, August 2, 2014

Duck Fat and Deep Fried Bacon - It's Girls Day Out

Grills and Girlfriends - the perfect day out.
It's been a while since I had a free day in Indy and armed with camera and Partner (Girls Day out going coed today) we headed down to Broad Ripple. He'd flown into Indy last night, as once in a while he can get a cheaper airfare for a business trip from here compared to Mordor International Airport.

I was looking forward to it, not just because I get to catch up with friends but because a little bird (I think it was Rodan) told one of my friends about a new burger place that not only has really great burgers, but they have battered and deep fried bacon AND fresh fries cooked in duck fat.

And they have Poutine, which if you've been to Quebe, and had the wonderful russet-y fries covered with cheese curds and salty brown gravy, you know what I mean.  But today, we were on the bacon quest.
317 BURGER 915 E. Westfield Blvd., Broad Ripple IN 317-251-1317,

They had outside seating but we went into the tap room, as it was uncrowded, cool and quiet, most of the folks outside.  There is also a restaurant area, casual but elegant, with faux-leather walls, linen-shaded sconces, and high-backed wooden booths upholstered in actual white-and-tan cowhide. (hey, it IS a burger place). It's nice enough you could bring a date here (and order her Pork Love - pork tasso ham, Cajun sausage, bacon, provel cheese and remoulade.)
Pork Love is just one of 9 specialty "burgers" plus BLT's  (including a half-pound version), salads and a daily special. Partner had the Parthenon Burger which was a gyro blend with feta, casaba sauce, and bacon on a pita bun.  Tam had the special, chili cheese burger.  Definitely a knife and fork burger. I went for "build you own".  When you can add Goose the market jowl or lamb bacon to your burger (in addition to smoked and peppered bacon) as well as cheddar and garlic aioli (and a bunch of other toppings) what's not to love?  Though next time I'm going to try the one with beef, pineapple, jalapenos, swiss, bacon and bbq sauce. The specialty burger doesn't come with fries but you can add an order of their special duck fat fries.
I ordered  my burger medium, and the ground steak was perfectly cooked. The burgers weren't giant sized, but they were giant sized on flavor (if you want sawdust tasting fluff on a big bun go to your typical fast food place or chain restaurant).  And the fries?  Look, I normally don't like fries that much, but these were cooked in duck fat. What more can I say?

I noticed there were less ducks in the canal, perhaps word is spreading.
Looks like the bar is very well stocked and there were a number of beers on tap in the taproom.
The service was great, the atmosphere very warm, but frankly, they had me at bacon.

Country fried bacon (and yes that's a bowl of peppered gravy).

Every time you bite into it a cardiologist whimpers.

Yes, that's applewood smoked bacon dipped in a light batter and fried into crispy planks as big as chicken tenders. The batter was just the right amount of crisp, without being too thick, and they weren't greasy at all.  Even better, they come with a dish of fresh hot, peppered gravy to dunk it in.The onion straws were really good, but they'd seen their match when a plate of those bad boys showed up at the table.
We enjoyed the meal and the restaurant thoroughly. It was probably for the best that I didn't notice, at the bottom of the menu, tater tots and mac and cheese or I would have left the restaurant on a dolly.

No, we don't eat like this all the time. I lost 48 pounds after a fall blew out my knee and have kept it off and plan to continue to do so.  So I look at these meals as special events, those times with friends that don't come as often as we like but are all the more special for it.  When you can share good food and laughter and conversation with those who know you so very well and love you anyway, it doesn't get a whole lot better.

Full to the gills, we said goodbye to the owner/manager (not sure) who had made sure we enjoyed our meal, and headed out to walk it off down the Monon Trail.

This picture for my friend Sherry.

I had a specific route in mind and Tam looked at me with a grin, reading my mind.  Rene's Bakery.  Because, even though I had eaten most of a cow and a pig today, there are Rene's croissants and I don't live anywhere close enough to make a regular stop here.

It's a small but popular place, even having a little canine hitch and bowl of fresh water out front so you can step off the trail with your pet and take home a treat.
I took home a couple of these for Sunday breakfast.  I make good pastry, but these croissants are incredible (and a chocolate cookie may have leapt, lemming like, from the counter into my bag for my bagged lunch Monday.)
Soon we'd walked off at least one fry and headed back to the vehicles.
I LIKE these people.
But with all the good food today, we passed on the ice cream even with a "It's wafer thin. . . "

and arrived at the vehicles in one piece.
Soon we headed back to the crash pad and Abby.
 You brought me some of the bacon didn't you?
You can dress it up all you want Mom, it's still nasty dry crap.


  1. What a fantastic outing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thought about you this evening while I was cooking bacon for BLTs. I think that is a good thing to be associated with bacon.

  3. Oh, BTW, nice Mustang! Yours? =)

  4. Keads - I wish! I just have the Bat Truck. I'd love a mustang but the expenses for Dad's care and flying back and forth to see him don't allow for any new things for the household without dipping into savings or taking a loan out, neither of which I will do, as tempting as it is. But this one certainly caught our eye. Beautiful car.

  5. ...and a grand time was had by all!


  6. I understand. My regards as always to your Dad and yours. I rationalized my purchase of the 2013 as I was driving the 1994 that had been totaled once. Guess what. I still drive the '94 almost every day. The new one only goes on road trips.

  7. What a great outing. :) I love the tax lesson. I should make up a sign like that for Catherine's office next tax season. :)

  8. I see bacon was a popular food item yesterday! We had smoked dead pig wrapped in more dead pig! (pork tenderloin kabobs wrapped in bacon)
    The veggies were done in the grill skillet (Stok version) with a touch of Penzeys Jerk Pork seasoning and 4S salt.

    Yesterday during my ride (note to self--do not forget the sun sleeves and leggings next time out!) I was craving chicken strips, fries and country gravy, so your bacon strips with gravy looks divine!

    Also, love the kayak photo. We used to have a pair of Dagger sea kayaks, but had to sell them when we moved to TX.

  9. Poutine is known in some circles as the "Canadian Cardiologists' Group Pension Plan".

  10. IF y'all do a blog meet there, I might have to fly up... :-D

  11. Every time I start thinking Anchorage is moving into a more modern era, you post something like this.

    I'll be in the corner, sulking.

  12. Looks like a good time was had by all, except for poor Abbie. Dog jerky is nasty stuff too...

  13. You are of my way of thinking entirely. Bacon. What's not to love... We have it every morning (EVERY morning), do not propose any breakfast food that is not also accompanied by bacon!

    I am still waiting for my Barkley Books (one for me, several for friends - but they have to wait until Christmas to get them!)

    I haven't seen the book yet, but I know it is a perfect tribute to that lovely boy, Barkley. I'm glad you still write about him. I'm glad that I'll have the book, as I feel that I've had the opportunity, albeit virtual, to pat that lovely head...

    Fair Winds and Following Seas!

    Cap'n Jan

  14. Cap'n Jan - You posted a long comment when Barkley died, something that your Mother had passed on to you when you lot your beloved dog. I included those wise words in my book, as something that meant a lot to me from a woman I admire. I do hope you enjoy.

  15. Wow! You do me great honor and my Mumma too. I am pleased you you found it worth of including in your book. I have written a good bit about each of my dogs over the years, all just wunnerful creatures, but Sazzy (Sally) was the dog that helped raise me and form my world view. As they say, I hope I have become the person she always thought I was.

    I'll tell you something else (now that it will be seen by you and probably not a lot of others, given you have a new post!)

    I had barely come to grips with the death of my Dad when I lost Mumma too. Dad was the Rock of my life. An extraordinary story-teller, a gifted singer of old Scottish tunes. The guy on the block who always had time for his little girl, even if the projects I helped with took a bit longer, he was never cross nor short with me. He was sought out in any social setting and my Mumma would stand by smiling at him as though he hung the moon. He did hang the moon for her... and for me.

    Dad was the shining star, she the black velvet in the background that made him shine brighter. It was really Mumma who was the Rock of our family. The one who made our lives whole.

    So finding your blog and your perfectly crafted vignettes that engage the mind and heart, kept me in touch with life 'out there'. Life beyond me and my sorrow. I thank you for that and owe you more than you might think.

    On a lighter note:

    I am so glad you have found Partner! Joy!! I don't know you, probably never will get the chance to meet you, but I still take joy in your happiness. He's a lucky guy, that Partner!

    Fair Winds, Brigid - and if you do ever find yourself in or around Austin, TX, with a few hours to spend, let us know and we'll stand you for some BBQ.

    Cap'n Jan

  16. I must have the deep fried bacon someday soon.


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