Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nothing to See Here - Saturday at the Range

It wasn't your typical Saturday.  Partner in Grime was packing to come home from his Thanksgiving at his parents.  I worked yesterday and finally had a day free from work or batphone. Did I go shopping?  Not just no, but he** no.  I avoid shopping in any capacity as much as possible.  Unless it's for bacon and ammo (for which finding some of the .22 is like finding a Unicorn in your bathroom)
We'd both been away from the Range a lot the last month, giving all the dog hair time to circulate, mate, make more dog hair and circulate some more.  I hoped it would have gotten sucked into the black sock black hole that lives near the dryer but no.

So today, there needed to be some serious housekeeping.  But first, after the kitchen was scrubbed to where surgery could be performed in it,  a pork roast was seared and then went into cockput with onion/sage gravy and some handcrafted pierogis stuffed with mashed potatoes and cabbage that I get from the little Polish deli in the Village.  That way, when he rolls in there will be dinner.Oh, (#)@.  There's only one beer, and there's two of us--best cook extra pierogis and wear something low cut, maybe he won't notice.

Then it was time to clean.

Living room is done, once I pick up hat and the dog toys.  Now it's time to move on to the bedroom where it looks like a SWAT team blew up.
Then everything was dusted. For a 1200 square foot first floor, there sure is a lot of stuff to dust.

Then a walk for Abby and some lunch. A bit of leftover  3-cheese stuffed shells with broccoli.
Then some ale to go into the fridge for tonight. Hey, it's Saturday.  Then it was time to dive into all of the woodwork and hardwood floors to be polished up as best as I could.
Pork's smelling good, time to put away some canned goods for the winter. From kitchen to basement.
Left to right--barbecue sauce, corn cob jelly with ginger and pineapple, fig molasses, corn cob jelly with habanero and a little tin of some Prickly Pear jelly that my friend Stephen made and sent to me to be added to my stores.

That done, time to I pick up before vacuuming the oriental guns (that was supposed to be rugs - that's a subliminal typo but you know what I would rather have been doing than vacuuming)
You don't be vacuuming up my Angry Birds!

Pretty soon the chores were done, a few hellos on social media, checking The Book of Barkley at Amazon (#23 in sales for genre - WOOT) and a shower so my husband didn't mistake me for Red Green when he gets home.
The Pink Bathroom from Hades (the last of the house projects as it's just ugly, but it's in good condition with all new pipes, so it goes behind the new kitchen and front steps). If I take my glasses off I won't notice that I need to scrub the grout too. That can wait until Monday.

But it wasn't only canning, and cooking and cleaning in this Range family. No, this is an old fashioned house.  There was also some sewing.
Shooting pads to donate to a Youth Shooting Group.

You all have a safe and sane Saturday, I'm going to enjoy a night off, in my own bed, and pancakes in the morning with my husband. Because. for some strange reason - I'm kind of tired.

"Sure. . . . 'Abby - pancakes are bad for dogs.'  You go on telling yourself that."


  1. And wouldn't the Hardy Boys have liked something like that in their repertoire !

  2. The Abbster looks like she's found her place near the top of the pecking order. :-)

  3. A good meal and some thing low cut always works for me.

  4. "...after the kitchen was scrubbed to where surgery could be performed in it" You clean like my wife!

  5. Unicorns ARE handy for holding that extra roll, should it be needed!

    (that was supposed to be the countenance of a smiling unicorn!)


  6. I can relate to the blown up SWAT team motif. The boys and their gals are here and today after an afternoon at the range, (gal friend of son #2 shot for the first time ever) my mancave/office is covered up with range bags, long arms leaning in corners, and there's also a couple big boxes holding 10,000 rds. of CCI mini-mag 22lr that the big brown van of joy dropped off. It showed up on Gunbroker and the boys and I hastily snapped it up. Decent price too. It is also our pleasure to help out on the winter larder. :-) Be warm and safe my friend.

  7. What a great day, you definitely made the most of your time.

    And hey, cat hair mates and reproduces with the same gusto as dog hair. :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving (belated!)

  8. Welcome back to normalish B :) Still waiting for Old Okie to post a pic of him in something low cut ;)

  9. immagikman said...

    Welcome back to normalish B :) Still waiting for Old Okie to post a pic of him in something low cut ;)

    Not going to happen I like a good meal I am old but not old enough that I can not enjoy something low cut. (old but not dead yet).

  10. "Time to clean, surgical clean!" Now that's a familiar bugle-call! Today we got fresh sheets, they don't last forever and gradually acquire that "closet smell" when put up - but first they MUST be washed!

  11. Low cut might not work for the disarray in this house right now. I was tired just reading.


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