Saturday, November 22, 2014

Our Pets- Making a House a Home

It has been almost six months since Abby joined our household.  It is a decision I am  glad we made.  She is SO different from Barkley, yet she has her own unique personality, one that's becoming a treasured part of each day. She's a five year old mixed breed, lab and possibly flat coated retriever it appears from her slightly longer, super soft fur with a red undertone, muzzle shape and tail. Such dogs are often overlooked  and lose their life as a result as people look at younger and purebred dogs to adopt.

Abby had  been in foster care only a week when we met, with a very loving lady and her husband, but the scars from time in a shelter showed in her eyes.  She was lucky - black dogs are the last adopted and the first euthanized in shelters.  She was rescued just hours from death by the wonderful people at Love of Labs Indiana who drove hours and hours to transport her.  They got her started on the heartworm treatment that was necessary to keep her alive, then worked to find her a loving home when she was well enough from that treatment to be adopted.

This photo was taken when she first showed up at the crash pad. She had been fed well and groomed carefully by the rescue folks but she was still thin from the heartworm treatment, scared at being someplace "strange" again and not even excited to get a treat.
Here she is now (and that tail is about ready to go into mach tuck)
I miss Barkley each and every day, and know you can't replace any dog that's such a big part of your life. But I'm so happy to have the love of this sweet girl my life and smile every time I see her.

Plus, it has made me happy to be able to donate all of the proceeds from the Book of Barkley to a number of organizations, including Love of Labs Indiana, Westside German Shepherd Rescue, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue, For the Love of Labs Rescue, Central Florida Weimaraner & Dog Rescue, Angels Among Us Animal Rescue, Willy's Happy Endings and the local humane societies of friends and family. It has been great to meet and great some of them, provide donations and autographed books for auctions and just share our stories.  Barkley's story was not about me, or about money, it was about spreading a message of love and faith and hope.

If you are considering a dog or cat for your home, please consider adoption of a rescue dog - there are so many wonderful souls out there just waiting to be rescued.


  1. That is so kind of you to share the monies from the book sales amongst rescue groups.

    And the before/after pics of Abby, just Wow! I hope you have shared those with LOLIN. I know they would love to see how much she has come out of her shell.

  2. So Happy that Abby found such a loving home that you and partner can give her.

  3. Kili came pre-owned, with a broken fang, malnourished, and extremely skittish - but the no-kill shelter had spayed her and gotten her up to date on shots.

    She still has a broken fang, is three times her original weight with a soft and glossy coat, and a very bold and spirited personality.

    As I speak, she decided she was bored and has unearthed a Keltec owners manual, dropped it on the carpet, and is playing "catch the invisible mice hiding under the PMR 30 booklet."

    Pre-owned is best. They know you sprung them out of jail, and never forget the favor.

  4. Thank you for helping so many deserving rescues!

  5. She's a great little dog. It was funny tonight. I had a split shift and was going to be in Indy today. Partner was coming back from a business trip so he flew into Indy (it was cheaper actually, for his company) and will drive home with me tomorrow for my days off. Abby was NOT expecting him to walk through the crash pad door tonight and was SOOO excited. Unfortunately that excitement led her to finding the plush cow that moos when you bite it and after 10 minutes of moomoomoomoomoomoomoomoomoo, the toy has been taken away and Partner is looking for the Scotch.

  6. Our Brody is a black border corgi. We got him from the Colorado Cell Dogs program, which was a fantastic way to get a pre-owned "certified" dog. One thing I've noticed about the program is that the folks who run the program tend to pick black dogs over any other, which is wonderful.

  7. what great things we all do when we rescue pets and give them homes with love. Abby definitely looks happy, I can see it in her 'smile'. :-)

  8. I was surprised a couple of years ago by the fact that black dogs are the last to be adopted since I absolutely love black dogs. That's funny about the moo toy.

  9. Makes me smile every time I read about her. And a little misty about Barkley.


  10. Our dog Duke is a rescue - he was just a baby at about 12 weeks, but he was in the corner of the shelter with mops and buckets in front of his cell.

    We brought him home Easter weekend and within days he was super sick and not eating or drinking and passing fluids both directions (ick!), and the mops and things in front of his run make us think that they knew he was sick.

    Well, we nursed him well from parvo, and that summer he started learning how to hunt pheasant. His first pheasant season he helped bring in nearly 30 birds and he wasn't even 1 yet!

    Duke's story is one of my mom's favorites because he went from such a rough beginning to such a successful bird dog for daddy and couch warmer for momma.

    But he loves us dearly and I think he appreciates where he came from and what he has now. I wouldn't pick a dog from anywhere BUT a rescue.

  11. Nothing makes me happier than to see a success story. I'm so glad you and Abby found each other! She looks so happy! :-)


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