Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Rescuers - a Story of Murphy's Law and Other Good Folks

I sent the picture above to Murphy's Law, saying "I found the picture your Mom posted on the internet when you were learning to drive".  As many of you know Murphy is a German Shepherd, along with Belle, one of two rescues that were pretty much unadoptable.  But Murphy's Law took them in, providing some challenging socialization and training, never giving up.  Now he has two wonderful dogs (just keep Belle away from the Salsa).  Not all dogs need that effort.  Abby Normal came here fully trained and calm.  Like most  of thedogs in rescue, she wasn't a problem dog, she was just unwanted and was just really, really scared, on the "kill list".  In her case,  Love of Labs volunteers drove 12 hours round trip to save her from being killed, simply for being heartworm positive and unwanted.  They got her the Vet care she needed to save her life and got her into a loving home, in this case, one very much in need of the love of a Lab.

Not all dogs have it so lucky.  On this Saturday while you enjoy your day, take a moment to read about a dog that could use a friend.  I made a donation via Pay Pal, and hope you will consider it. Even $5 can save a life. If you can't donate, please spread the word.

Last call before it is too late for Camilla!
The crowded animal shelter was just terrifying for her - she probably has never been out of her own backyard before. She tried her best, but all she seemed to be able to do was huddle down in the far corner of her run, quietly shivering. She wanted to try to make friends but she was so overwhelmed. She knew things weren’t going well; she had a sense of the imminent danger that was upon her. We want Camilla’s story to have a happy ending.
Can you help?

Please donate to keep this sweet girl from dying:
No amount is too small. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for caring.
CMcA for RJ

Update:  I got a message from Westside German Shepherd Rescue this evening  that through donations today and ALL the good people sharing the news on Facebook, they were able to rescue Camilla and are preparing her for adoption.  Please, still consider donating, as Vet care and food is all from people that donate and will ensure her care until she has a forever home  (And Murphy's Law, you could still adopt her, an excuse to go look at airplanes out in CA :-)


  1. Both Murphy and Belle thank you...and my mom won't stop laughing.

    And Cammie is welcome here if all else fails. Heck--what's one more in the family?

  2. Thank you Murphy's Law - right now they are just trying to get money to fund her care to get her out of the shelter that will put her down in the immediate future and into foster care. I'm sure they would welcome an inquiry as how best to help. I just donated a small fixed amount per month to pay toward her food and such.

    Thank you for your kind heart and friendship and give your Mom a hug for me.

  3. I just went to paypal and donated as well. Might go back and make it recurring now that I think about it. Thanks for sharing the info and great post!

  4. Thank you 1st Man - I talked to them today and they are REALLY nice folks. They realize the German Shepherds are a unique breed and need the right home and environment and make sure the homes their dogs go to are suited for them.

  5. Thanks to all who DO rescues... The dogs deserve better. Donation on the way.

  6. Don't do it, Murph! Women have a way of talking you into more animals! :-)
    (Thank God the one's here are Chihuahuas! Although the kitten Belle does like salsa!)



    Westside does great work.

    We've gotten 3 Sheps through their sister organization: Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. All were "Hard Cases", but with just a little training, a bit of work, and a lot of love (which was reciprocated 10 fold) they turned out to be great dogs.

    Can't recommend the Rescue Organizations enough.

  8. Old NFO - thanks. I know they appreciate it. Also a big thanks to my friends on facebook who alerted me to Camilla's plight.

    Guffaw - chihuahua's are tiny - so you can get more!

    CharlieFoxtrot - thank you. That's good to know. Getting Abby really opened my eyes to the Rescue world and I'm glad the book sales are allowing me to donate more than I used to.


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