Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sat-R-Daze - Adventures with Friends

Light, delicate Swedish pancakes, a stack of them, and maple sausage to share with Partner in Grime. Not a bad way to start a day, especially one that will include friends.

I'd had a couple VERY early shifts this week so it felt great to wake up after the sun had long come up.
No plans, having been away from home for the last 3 weekends, just time with friends, in this case Mr. and Mrs. Og. With the Oglette off to college and all of us actually in town at the same time, it's a great day to get together.
Abby's not the only one that loves to spend time with friends.
It was pretty cold out, that 40 degrees is taken from inside the garage. I think we were just going to go out to eat and then just hang out inside.
 Mrs. Og gets to meet Abby for the first time, getting kisses for her efforts.
"Her fur is SO soft" she says.  Indeed it is, she's so much fun to snuggle up with on the couch.
 Pet me Pet me Pet me!
Did I say Pet me?
Abby has a brief walk and then we're off for brunch.  Cafe Salsa in  Sunnyside, IL, best Carne Asada on the planet and so worth the drive.
 Mrs. O. gets a salad.
I get the same thing almost every time.  The carne asada.
 Partner had a chili relleno/carne asada combo covered with ranchera sauce.
Og dives into his "meat. . .fire. . .good!"

Then we drove on back to the Range to just hang out for the afternoon.
You let me here alone for years - where's my carne asada?
New books to explore.  When you've got a  robotics and mechanical engineer in the house at the same time you're going to explore the new books.  It was great spending time with my friends after a summer that seemed to be a whole bunch of travel, for one of us or the other of us (fortunately, we were both gone only a few days so Abby had lots of company).
Later on in the day, some time for Mexican Train and some popcorn.
And a little shop tidying up and catching up with email and some other bloggers.
 Before we knew it the sun was setting.

We were too full for a full meal, so we just split a sandwich made with sliced medium rare ribeye topped with  coleslaw  made with sweet onion dressing.
Then it was time to just sit out on the porch with a glass of hard cider and watch the sunset. 
The Range is closed up and warm pj's are on.  One last trip with shoes on to take Abby outside.  Yes--I bought him the pajamas.  He's a good sport and wears them.
Finally, curled up on the futon, watching an episode of Bones on the small screen.   If you look at the lower left corner, you can see the nose of Abby, who is laying between us transfixed on the screen-- "look at all the bones!!!".

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday and have a blessed Sunday.  Be thankful for such days and such friends, for they are rare.


  1. It sounds as though you had a low key and pleasant weekend with friends and loved ones. That is the best kind. And an extra hour of sleep doesn't hurt either!

  2. Well said and amen to friends...

  3. It was, as always, a wonderful time.

  4. Sounds like the perfect day B :)

  5. Re: First Picture... half the pancakes, twice the sausage and we can be friends for life!

    I'd bet Abby would say the same thing.

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend, so glad you all had some fun and downtime!


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