Friday, November 14, 2014

Tales of the Minivandians - Daddybear's Delightful Fantasy Book is Out!

Daddybear, has joined the ranks of bloggers who are now published authors of books, crafting something from heart and hands that they wish to share with the world.   His first effort is an absolute delight and I was able to download and read it on the Kindle Cloud.  After a tough few days while Dad was in the hospital again,  his 'Tales of the Minivandians',  was exactly what I needed to look at the world  with humor and thanks again.  The book is a compilation of some of the 'Minivandian' stories from his blog, which many of you have read, woven together seamlessly with new material in the same vein.

It's a story of a family, perhaps like yours, but one that lives in an ancient land of heroic fantasies, and challenges no mere mortal is likely to see. When he described his fair wife and lady, fighting a tentacled creature that found her way into her home, I could almost picture any of us ladies, wrestling with some kitchen project (down yeast bread! down!)  probably armed with just some ordinary cutlery, not those magical tools of the Minivandians world.

He describes it like this:
The Minivandian is the warrior who values his home and hearth. He goes through the mundane day to day things with an eye to the adventures that they contain. She is the barbarian queen who fights the monsters of everyday tasks. These are their stories.
The book sparkled with wit and charm, and honesty, I was taken back to some of the best of the early Terry Pratchett books , which carried with them the same creativity and humor. Intended for a young adult reader, this is a book I will re-read and happily pass on to my daughter, for this is a book that can be enjoyed by multiple generations, as they weave their own stories of family.

It's found on Amazon, so when you're doing some Christmas shopping (books make a great gift) add this one to any others you may be ordering.

Congratulations Tom!


  1. Looks fun! I bet my Monkeys would enjoy it.

  2. I also want to hear dad's reaction to his knew bathroom kingdom!

    I'm glad your book is selling still and I wish the same for daddybear.

    Mine, after a flurry of sales, now lives amongst the unsold.

  3. Downloaded it to the ol Kindle! Sounds like a good read.

  4. Do you have an email address where I may write you? Thanks.

  5. Well on that recommendation I'll have to check it out!!

  6. daddybearsden - we did and my daughter, I know, will as well.

    Moneywrangler - they will indeed. Hopefuly they're not so hyped up from the giant bag of taffy I sent to sit down and enjoy it.

    Lotta Joy - your book "Treadwell" at Amazon was an excellent read and after I gave it a review at Good Reads, several of my friends went to Amazon for a copy. Dad loved the bathroom. It wasn't anything fancy, just paint, a new shower curtain, mat and towels but he liked it a lot.

    Brighid - thanks! And thank you for getting a copy of The Book of Barkley for your California rural library through the Zip program

    Linda - I don't post my email as unfortunately people have used that to
    (1) spam me
    (2) hit on me or
    (3) start sending me a torrent of pictures, jokes and junk

    With a demanding job, two homes, another book in the works and a Dad to tend to, I'm not a very good email pal to even people I've known for years off blog. But they forgive me.


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