Thursday, November 27, 2014

On Being Thankful - And Giving That Back


I've volunteered for much of the last 20 years--for the homeless, for the battered, and lately for the unwanted animals.

Man's cruelty to his fellow man is legend, but what people do to an animal that just wants to love them is heartbreaking..  I wrote The Book of Barkley to honor the stories of my best dog ever and my brother, who both died from cancer within weeks of each other.  I thought it would be a good thing, remembering their stories,of childhood, of coming into adulthood, of the awareness of our mortality and how we dealt with it with faith, while  renewing a relationship with a God we'd sort of left behind.  But I couldn't help, being human, of thinking of  all of the extra income from being a famous "writer" that could help with my Dad's nursing expenses (insert abrupt reality of what most writers make here and sound of crickets from much of the public, entranced by werewolves and spaceships and vampires).

And then things changed.  I got out and interacted with rescue groups as I adopted Abby and realized-- Barkley would't care if his Mom had a new truck, he'd want to help other dogs.

So, all of the proceeds of TBOB are being donated to animal rescue.  In the big scheme of things, not big money, only a couple thousand since July, spread out to a dozen or so organizations.  But every dollar counts, and as Barkley's story spread, more people will provide more donations  with their purchases as the book is slowly discovered by those sharing it with their dog loving friends.
You said there'd be a slide. . . 

Please take a moment and click on these words:   Peanut's Promise.

This group, up in the Windy City, not far from where we live, is doing incredible things, their latest project--rescuing Labrador Retrievers who have lived solely to breed purebred puppies, with bad food, harsh elements outside 24/7, little, if any  medical care, and no love or affection. Some had no more than a depression on the ground to sleep in. When they get sick, or old, or barren, they are discarded. In this case the breeder is giving them up, a blessing for them, but a lot of work for the volunteers with that many dogs, all neglected, coming in at once.  I am just one tiny little part of that effort, but I wanted to help and spread the word.

Because it broke my heart to see it.

Because every Lab should have a home where he's a family member, as loved as the two-legged ones.

So, for Black Dog Friday Weekend The Book of Barkley  is only $2.99 on Kindle and only $4.99 through Christmas and New Years.  ALL of the proceeds, Kindle and paperback, are going to Peanut's Promise.  You can gift it to someone with just an email address and a date you want them to get it and if they don't have a Kindle device there's a free app to read it on your laptop that's available to them when they claim it.

The book is also in the  Amazon MatchBook Program so if you buy the paperback, the Kindle is less than a buck.  All of the proceeds through New Years, big or small, is going to support this group of wonderful volunteers, part of  Lab Rescue and Adoption Wisconsin and Illinois, and the dogs they are trying to save. You can also sponsor a dog - this is Juno who I am sponsoring through the adoption process to offset the costs of treatment and care until she's adopted by a lucky family. She's responding well to the care and love, gently taking a treat from one of the volunteers in her most recent photo.

On this Thanksgiving Day, give a little back to those that are thankful for the smallest thing.  If you don't wish a copy of a book, and want to help, please donate to them directly. If money is tight, and I know it is for many of you, simply share their story with a link on your blog or Facebook to this post or their site or go to their site for a twitter feed.

Happy Thanksgiving, All of You.  Abby and I are on our own, ready to go on duty while Partner is with is family, thankful to be able to help in the small ways we can. - Brigid


  1. Oh wow...what those poor pups have been through is truly horrible. I wish there was a better way to shut down bad backyard-breeders and puppy mills. At least some of the Lab breeders in IL/WI are beginning to hand over their dogs when they decide to get out of business. I hope that LEARN can find more foster homes for those dogs they are taking in.

    BTW your willingness to give, is an inspiration.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to your and yours, dear lady!


  3. Thank you for stepping up and helping out, and done.

  4. Pets and humans sometimes do not mix well. There is a responsibility for an animal that many do not grasp and like many things the pet becomes disposable or a gadget to .........

    Couple years ago it was horses that were getting the headlines. The economy dropped out and the drought hit. $400.00 a month to feed a horse if there was no grass. There were lots of starving horses. Some were taking their horses out in the country and dumping them in the pastures because they no longer could feed them and many horses starved to death.

    You and that black dog keep on plodding.

  5. Monkeywrangler - it made me cry to see some of them. I shuld probably find cheerier hobbies than helping others, but I need to do this.

    Guffaw - Happy Thanksgiving and it was great catching up with you on the phone today.

    Old NFO - thank you.

    johnbord - I've donated to horse rescue as well. My beloved cousin Liz, like a sister to me, raises horses and I grew up riding with her.

    Rev Paul - thanks for the note and the prayers.

    JohnPeddie (Toronto) - I sent instructions for getting a Book of Barkley to you in gmail, leave me another "do not post" if you don't see it.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for doing such good work with TBOB.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  8. We had three coon dogs dropped off at Top of Ohio Pet Shelter during the night this week. One was very malnourished. I got some video of the people leaving them from the cameras. Hoping we can get some leads.

    So many animals that need help. It is sometimes unbelievable what we see. Then we have a rainy night phone call from local LE about a good Samaritan and an officer bringing in a small dog hit by a car that didn't stop. The owner arriving as we are going to the vet. Waiting with the owner and helping the vet. Sending prayers with the owner as she takes the stabilized dog to MedVet an hour away where they have better facilities. That makes up for all the times we see animals in bad situations.

  9. Bruce Friend - my hat is off to you.
    Our local humane society has had to get cameras, just to record people dropping off puppies in the night when it's 5 below.

    Thank you for caring. I do what I can, and it's never enough, for those furry friends that need our help..

  10. Thank you for helping! My mother's Christmas present this year is a Kindle, and it is now pre-loaded with The Book of Barkley. :)

  11. Wow. I hate seeing things like that but ignorance is NOT bliss. Thanks for your continued efforts to spread the word and help these dogs. :-)


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