Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Night Barkley

As I get a long nap before the even longer drive home - some Barkley memories. I'm hoping to get more done on the new book this weekend- I'd like to finish it up before Dad is gone.  It's it meant to be it will be. Thanks to all of you for your support during a very trying 2014 and for sharing Barkley's story. Barkley's Book has helped sponsor over 20 dogs to find homes after necessary vet care, as well as general donations from $15 to $1500 to many other animal welfare and rescue organizations in their efforts. Helping with fundraising, contacting so many animal organizations (often without any feedback) and sending out letters, flyers, tweets and Facebook inquiries has been exhausting. But the animal groups are starting to hear about his story, and what it can mean for other unwanted or neglected animals and that is so worth it.

For tonight, I am very, very tired.  I miss Barkley and my brother so very much, but life, can still be good, and filled with purpose.
When I came home, he was always in the same spot. Waiting.  Sometimes he would be wagging his tail.  Sometimes I could come in stealthfully, with just a camera and catch him unawares, or even asleep

There is never a dull moment when you have a labrador retriever in the house.


And finally, a Barkley Haiku -

Have a wonderful night whatever you and yours are up to.
love - Brigid


  1. Great Barkley pics! I love the tea one! :)

  2. Wishing you a safe drive back home, where you can unwind with Partner and Miss Abby.

    Do you remember a pic of Barkley you posted once, an all black photo, where you can only just see his eyes? I have tried to find that pic in the blog archives without success. I always liked that photo.

  3. Sarah - that was the perfect look"

    Monkeywrangler - I have a copy of that somewhere. I do delete some posts after a while that aren't vignettes just so I don't have thousands in the archives. I'll find that photo for you when I get home again, it's on the crash pad laptop.

  4. God i know were your coming from i miss my dog name cyder and my brother Stuart more each day no less now a few years have passed it hurts more as each day passes.


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