Monday, January 5, 2015

Striking While the Iron is Hot

For the next 30 days or so - I'm going to try and concentrate on finishing up my second book as for some reason--there's  a publisher and an editor with some sort of schedule :-)  Since the Book of Barkley ended up front page at Kirkus Reviews as a "featured book"  with a glowing review the same day San Francisco Book Review gave it five stars, the publisher wants me to "strike while the iron is hot" and are hoping for an early summer release.

 But this book is longer and is more difficult for me to write, for it's a story of a journey out of foster care for my brother and I-- and later in life, another adoption--my daughter, who I had as teen, and gave up, only to meet when she turned 18.   There's lots of fun in there as we discuss who we adopt later in life as friends--who we bring into our lives and why, both two and four legged--and how all of us, in the end--connect.

But it's been a writing that's been much harder to put to paper than I expected, even if it is a story I wished to be told.  I think--after this one is done, I'm just going to go back to blogging and writing short stories for magazines as I have done in the past.  I like not having to promote a book every time I say hello, I like not having a schedule.  I like being mostly a hermit, but for this blog and a small and tightknit group of friends, which is hard when you are trying to promote the book you wrote. But these were  two stories I felt compelled to tell and the money TBOB generated to be given to  the dog rescue groups has been wonderful.

So in the interim 4-6 weeks while I do that-- there will be some saved posts I've already written, some food posts, some reposts of the past that were my favorite and just a few short "hi there's" .  I will stop by daily to read comments but you might not see me as often at your place or as many comments back.

But between flying back and forth out West to check on my Dad every few weeks, marketing TBOB, a demanding, often quite stressful, job, and a 8 hour weekly commute to work and two houses to clean and make sandwiches for -- I'm just NOT going to get it written on schedule if I just don't hunker down to do it after work in the evenings or early mornings.  That leaves little time to write anything of great depth-blog wise, on a daily basis.  You just can't get away long term with "beer. . . donut"  even with bacon, which is about all that is in me outside of the book effort.

I hope you will stop by daily while I do this - there will be something up each day-- even if it's only
1.  An old post that I just loved (your mileage may vary)
2.  A new recipe
3.  pictures of dog hair
4   A review of an old gun
5.   Scotch Night
6.   Or some favorite photos or shots from a range visit.

Oh - and to make up for it--there is a scavenger hunt.  If you look at Book of Barkley marketing in other parts of the world - there is a picture of me--full face, taken on my 52nd birthday.

Love - Brigid


  1. Git'r done. If that means neglecting the blog, we'll wait.

  2. Write away, we'll all be here when you get back. With bacon. :-)

  3. Will love to hear from you when you can. Old news or new news is good news. Hugs to Abby. Good writing to you. Love from the great plains.

  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope your writing is without effort and inspiration flows like a cool mountain stream on a summer day.

  5. Being relatively new to the blogging scene, I for one will certainly not mind your re-posts. Quite frankly, I don't know how some of you folks do it.
    Endeavor to persevere, Brigid. I look forward to reading your next book.

  6. We will all be here! Would now be a good time to send a refrigerated package?

  7. Ok I won't miss a day Good luck on your timetable with your new book I'am sure it will great reading.

  8. I could not be more pleased about your new project. No one deserves this more.
    Love and best wishes to you, Abby and partner.

  9. Not a problem, Brigid, I think we all understand. You know we will be here, on blog or off blog.

  10. No worries at all, ma'am. Do what you need to do. We'll be here.

  11. Whatever it takes, we will sacrifice! Just get that book in our hands!!!

  12. Do what you gotta, we're not going away...

  13. I look forward to your new book. your writing is sensational!

  14. And if you throw in some occasional pancakes....


  15. re: "as for some reason...",we all know what the reason is- we've been telling you for years that 'if you write it,it will sell'. You are an exceptional writer,and it's about time that you got some literary credit in the big time.Good luck with the new project,I'm sure it will be as good a read as TBOB.
    Is there a way to send you a private note/email ?I have a proposition for you.(No not that kind-it's a gift)

  16. I hope the publisher isn't putting on too much pressure to bring out an emotionally challenging book before it's ready. But I do look forward to the result. You have a certain body of knowledge and wisdom -- some of which came at a high price, as truth often does -- and of course express it well; this deserves a wide audience and durable format.

    You've probably got a good plan; although everybody's process is different, when getting a book (or other major creative project) past the intersection of Pareto's Law and Zeno's Paradox, often there's nothing like a few to several weeks of immersive experience.

    So a couple of related questions. You refer to this as a novel; is its roman-a-clef nature something that only readers of your blog will know, or will it be published as a work of nonfiction? And either way, would you still like readers of this particular blog to compartmentalize it from your book-writing identity?

  17. I look forward to the nights when you write about old dogs and older Brown liquor, ant to your next book!

  18. HatTrick - I'll still have a daily post but I won't be writing any vignettes for the blog until it's done, just food, fun and some old pieces I liked.

    1st Man - bacon is good.

    Sorthawitte: Abby got a hug and thanks!

    Brighid - thanks and also a thanks again for getting TBOB in your local library- I've appreciated the people that have requested their library get a copy. One library in Chicago (not mine and I have NO idea why they have so many) has TEN copies.

    excelling in mediocrity - I will stop by to say hello. I just won't have the hours to maintain this, the marketing, work, Dad and The Book of Barkley blog AND write (I work 10-12 hours a day quite often).

    Everett - I got your Christmas card when I picked up my pile o'mail. Thank you so much, and again for the photos of your beautiful island home. We will try to come out and visit before the end of the year, depending on Dad's situation. My husband wants to live in your shop I think.

    denis miller - thank you and to any of you that have bought an Amazon copy - please consider leaving a review for LB Johnson (no blog mention please) The book has 54 5 star reviews and 2 four stars but more are always welcome.

    Merle - there will always be pancakes - and bacon.

    billf - Search the blog for the Wild Hare Enterprises address. Just put attention BOB: That's a friends but I use it for book mail and pick it up a couple of times a month.

    Ad absurdum - Non as it's not a traditional big name publisher - I would just like it out before my Dad passes. It's 1/2 done --I just need to concentrate a bit.

    Murphy - I am sure there will be a Barkley story to come up, theres a couple still in draft I didn't use in the book.

    Thank you everyone - I won't disappear - I'm just going to be a bit less "sociable" during this final push.

  19. I wish for you fruitful hours of writing to bring forth this next book.

  20. Bill f - no thanks but I appreciate it.


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