Sunday, January 11, 2015

Girls Day Out -A Prince of a Day

The freezing rain  moving into the area - Girl's Day out was crammed into just a few hours.  Partner in Grime was away on business - so I stayed in Indy to hang out with my friends and work on a few more chapters for the next book. 
Broad Ripple Brew Pub with Tam.  I got there first so I sipped on some wine while the waiter chit chatted with me, the place pretty empty with the forecast. 

Tam arrived and there was much camera geekery going on with her Olympus OM -PC and my Canon.  She showed me how to do some neat things with one of the settings for the dark lighting in the pub now that I'm ready to venture past "ON" in the world of photography.
More drinks were ordered  These wines are really short, I think I can have another. Then the food.

I had Brewpub pizza with bacon, pineapple, garlic and olives for me (with leftovers for lunch tomorrow as I'm off work and likely not driving with the forecast) and the Mexican White Wings for Tam  - Baked chicken breast strips wrapped in apple wood smoked bacon with slices of fresh jalapeno, deep fried and tossed in BBQ wing sauce. Served with celery, blue cheese, and extra BBQ wing sauce.
We really had the whole room to ourselves but for the music and attentive waiter.  A third glass of wine (did I say they were short glasses, no stem so that's less wine right :-) and another beer were ordered, and the next thing you know Prince's "Kiss" Came on.

Do you know a tall blond and redhead can dance without standing up.  We were bopping around in our chairs to the song when someone popped in the room and smiled-- "Just getting our 80's on!" we said and finished the song. Earworm in the link - no additional charge.

There was the usual catching up to do, conversations on games, and toys and cameras, gladiator yard gnomes and feral deficient spending.  Then it was time to go - I felt sorry for the wait staff-- there was no one in the place - so we each tipped our awesome waiter and he came out and thanked us  profusely  for the double tip - but we were happy to.  Once the freezing rain hit, there would be no more customers before closing but for a couple of folks that might brave out on a giant tauntaun to get a growler of beer since it's a dry state.
After a couple of hours, full of food, it was safe to take a little walk to admire the local ice works, then drive home, the wine worn off, simply contented, happy and full.  The freezing rain had started so I made a beeline for the store to pick up a couple of items I needed to clear a clog in the bathtub - (red hair and lavender bath oil, never a good daily combination), then home to the crash pad.

By the time I rolled in.  Abby was frantic with worry (not).

Good times - ice and all.


  1. Glad you choose to stay safe at the pad. And I see Abby has lost all reticence about getting on the furniture!

  2. I've found that an old cleaning rod section with a nylon bristle on the end can catch the hair in a drain very well...

    That may assist if your hair is as resistant to over the counter so called clog cleaning chemical solutions as my wife's hair is.

  3. armedlaughing - I should probably check the TV remote for pawprints as well.

    Lois Evensen - I think she' s comfortable in her new home. I do have a professional dog walker that comes by during the day when I working to walk her or play with her if the weather is awful.

    Monkeywrangler - she won't get up on the bed unless invited and only after it's light out in the morning. At night she's guarding the front door on the sofa.

    freddyboomboom - I'll try that, the rental plumbing is pretty wimpy - I've yet to have a problem with clogs at the Range. But I have a TON of hair, and it's baby fine so I shed as bad as the lab.

  4. Oh!! our pets lead such a rough life having to keep the masters chair warm . Abby looks as if she is just worn out from worry about mom being out in the weather.

  5. Looks like good times, and yeah Abby was 'really' concerned... LOL

  6. "I am just going out and may be some time."

  7. She was clearly very concerned. Overwhelmed to the point of fainting.

  8. That dog should try to relax!

    I have fine hair too. I bend a coat hanger, just a little crook on the end....about 1/2 inch. Then, I used vinegar and baking soda with a pan of hot water, not from the sink. Finally, I bought a little strainer, three different sizes in WM plumbing section. It catches all hair.


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