Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Barkley Memories -- Lineage

In cleaning out some drawers I found Barkley's Pedigree.  Barkley wasn't his AKC name, which was quite long.  But in looking at some of his background-- I noted 9 field champions, including national, in his bloodline, and I also found an article and photo about his Grandfather and Great Grandfather on his Sire's side of the family.

I wonder if these two stole their owners slippers while she was in the bathtub? I'd loved him just as much even if he'd been a "mutt".  But  I saw so much of him in this fist  photo and a bit in the second one (he used to get this Elvis lip curl thing going when you weren't paying enough attention to him) that made the room get dusty all of a sudden.

FC-AFC Snake Eyes-Double or Nothin' 
1995 Retriever Hall of Fame


 Images not showing
Callname: Snake
Gender: Male
Color: BLK
coat Genotype: Black - Hidden Yellow and Choc - EeBb
Whelp Date: 4/12/1975
Breeder: Dr. B.W. Spring
OFA Hips: LR-6692 (GOOD)
AKC reg: SB763992
FT Champion Points: 111
Other Qualifications or Notes:
Qualified for 5 National Opens and 8 National Amateurs. Was a National Finalist in 80 and 84. Earned a total of 50.5 Open Points and 61 Amateur Points. Produced 23 Titled and over 40 QAA dogs in the US And Canada Including the highest pointed derby dog in AKC.


FC-AFC Webshire's Honest Abe (2003 Hall Of Fame)
2003 Retriever Hall of Fame


 Images not showing
Callname: Abe
Gender: Male
Color: BLK
Whelp Date: 4/7/1989
OFA Hips: LR-39863G24M (Good)
Eye CERF: LR-10216
OFA Elbow: LR-EL3337M84 (Normal)
AKC reg: SF-550335
AKC DNA: V34140
Derby Points: 73
FT Champion Points: 95
Other Qualifications or Notes:
Sire of 37 FC's 


  1. Mutts make great pets We have had lots of them but the Lady that really grabbed our heart strings was a registered Lhasa Apso she was a real lady with an attitude we would tell her she could not do something and she would cock her head to one side and you could almost hear her say EXCUSE me did you forger you and mom just get to live here to serve me. We really loved that little lady she has been gone four years now and we still miss her.

  2. Yeah, you can really see him in the first picture.

    I miss him so.

  3. B - Oh yes, and I seriously teared up at that. I miss them both - so many happy memories of Barkley and Schmoo.

  4. Wow! You can really see him in the 1st picture. I love the beard that Abe is sporting in his picture! I've always owned dogs but the black lab/ pit mix that we have now is my first lab. It's so interesting to watch how she's graying. Can't say I've ever had another dog that grays quite like this.

  5. Yes. The Elvis Lip Curl. OJ used to do that. There used to be a commercial where a big dog named Blue Bell poops in somebody's yard and then gets a silly grin on its face. OJ's sister, Nicole, used to get the same grin. Thanks for the memories. Gotta go. Those danged allergies again.

  6. Yep, definite resemblance. And quite the bloodline!

  7. But which one has a book titled after him, and is known World-Wide. Now that is a Champion.


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