Saturday, March 21, 2015

Best Laid Plans - Photos from Saturday

I made it home. The kitchen floor was not done but it's getting there. The house has been rearranged a bit, the refrigerator being on the sun porch.

Abby was happy to see me.

Sure - she's all sweet and fuzzy and innocent, but just grab a Milkbone. . . .
The last thing a dog treat ever sees.

I brought a few more things up from Indy to add to the decor as we redo the kitchen.
There was the usual mail, but one wonderful surprise.  A beautiful etched pendant and a thank you note from  Lori-Anne at Rockin' LJ Wildlife Rescue and Esquine Sanctuary, in Tyrone, Oklahoma.  For over 12 years she's taken care of animals in need, including a number of blind horses.  TBOB sent a little check for some hay and herpersonal note just made my day. Thanks Lori-Anne! Consider a donation, it costs close to $1500 a week to feed the animals and much of it comes from her own pocket as well as earnings from her beautiful jewelry. Her auction page for her jewelry is on Facebook - enter in the Facebook search engine -
Rockin LJ Blind Equine Sanctuary benefit and auction page

We did take a break from chores to get into the Heidi Pops Toffee Popcorn (I got that and the cheesy jalapeno pretzel flavored) as I got badly trounced in dominoes. I might as well have put almost all of my fleet in dry dock and played Sequestration Battleship.
Then it was back to work.

The house looked like a testosterone bomb had gone off.  I'd left meals for each night, ready to nuke; but there were glasses all over the house, some leather-working stuff laying around, zillions of tools, and a pile of laundry that had its own base camp.

But Partner not only put in 8-11 hour days at work--he worked on the floor until late each night,.
And from the blanket I pulled off of the sofa - I think he just laid down there and fell asleep, never making it to bed, probably waking when it got light.
I realize how lucky I am.  Sure we could have paid someone to build a new sub-floor and prep and lay the tiles, but I'd rather have that money in the bank for the future, and to help others when we can.

OK - so still no stove in the kitchen
 That's what a barbecue is for.  We've got burgers and fresh/frozen corn and ice cold beer.
Tired, full, and grateful for the weekend. - 
Brigid and family


  1. Obviously no stove in the kitchen is a GOOD thing...

  2. The no-stove-so-gotta-barbeque is a stroke of genius on Partner's part. :)

  3. Tired, full, and grateful for the weekend. And conscious of the blessing implied in each of those.

  4. Sounds like a plan, you will get it done in your own time and the way you want it, can't beat that!

  5. You are so very lucky to have someone capable of doing these things. Hey, I can do laundry and other things, just don't have skills in floor tiles or plumbing. BBQ sounds delicious.

  6. I hope you both enjoy your weekend! That looks like a good burger...

    Abby looks quite happy that Mom is home!

    Thank you too for your kind note regarding Cody. We do miss him, but he was ready to let go and we couldn't control the pain without a ton of meds.

  7. Love the pics and especially that door and those windows. All the hard work will pay off. Hang in there.

  8. Building and doing together cements more than just the house... It builds the relationship!

  9. I'm thinking that no stove could be just a lovely change....for a little while! Thanks for sharing the Rockin' LJ to see what I can find for my horse obsessed daughter!


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