Sunday, March 22, 2015

Guffaw in AZ - You Best Be Sitting Down :-)

Bacon Wrapped Roast Lemon Chicken

I put up all the photos of the Range Recipes on a Pinterest Page. That way you can scroll down through them, find something you like, then get the recipe off the sidebar here or using the blog search engine.

I'm hungry already.


  1. Yeah, I hate cut and paste and print.

    (now if it were only fried?)


  3. Nice! Great idea. Will the next book be a cookbook?

  4. Jennifer - As I found out this year, writing and editing a book is a tremendous amount of work. Marketing it is almost a full time job (in addition to another full time job). Having a lot of blog readers does not mean you will sell a lot of books (i.e. in the first 8 weeks of TBOB 235,000 people dropped in here but only 110 copies sold, and likely by my daily readers which I dearly appreciate). As it is, I enjoyed writing the two books, but I'm looking forward to not having a "project" and just writing for fun again for the rest of the year.

    1. Fair enough and completely understandable.


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