Sunday, March 8, 2015

Why Everyone Needs a Lathe

For the techno-geeks out there.  This was a little something put together for Partner in Grime, sort of a belated birthday gift (he was out of the country birthday week) or an early (insert celebration here) gift. 

Yes, it's a pen.  But it's not a pen you can buy from a store. There are a few on sale via Etsy for top dollar,  but wouldn't it be better (and appeal to the Scot in you) to present one made for less money AND the pride of presenting something hand crafted?

Look closely, that is real circuit board. You can even see little resister valves as you turn it around!
You just need to know someone with a metal lathe (hmmm. . have I seen a lathe anywhere around here?)

The kit, from Woodcraft of Indianapolis is easy, no blank cutting, drilling or gluing, simply square the end of the acrylic bank, mount on your mandrel with bushings and start turning (use Wall Street II Tropical Island bushings, they don't come with the kit).  As in any lasting relationship, you want to go SLOW.  Like your wit, keep the tools sharp and keep that initial pressure light.  Think PMS. NO, not that kind, but the Polymethyl-Methacrylate Sensitive kind.  You WILL want to take your time with the lathe.

The actual ink was replaced with a Parker assembly (a bit better quality than the kit one) and it works great, no skipping, with a heavy, expensive look and feel to it.

With patience and basic shop tools you can make a gift that even the coolest geek would love.


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