Sunday, March 29, 2015

There's No Place Like Home on the Range

The kitchen floor is finally finished.  The kitchen is small and very odd shaped, with several little cubbyholes, and places for shelves, so designing  the tile layout so its not too busy, or too boring, when everything is reinstalled was a bit of a challenge.

But I am SO happy to be rid of the 1930's red floor from hell.
I got the easy part--color and flooring selection and design, and Partner and Grime got the hard part - ripping it all out (asbestos backing so the room was a sealed off science lab for a few days), building a new sub floor and gluing down all the tiles. I showed back up when it was half done. And we finished it up this weekend, a little time together before I pop out and see my Dad again.

And it matches the stained glass window that replaced the big ugly window on the right hand side wall, where the farmhouse sink will go.
The cabinets and counter  (to be installed after a major basement plumping task) will look like this, except the sink will actually be a antique white farmhouse sink on the right wall where the portable little "island" is now.  The section under the window will be continuous countertop, so I have a large work area. Then a fresh coat of light yellow paint and a collection of antique plates that match the colors to go on the wall with some other retro stuff.

So to celebrate having a functional kitchen again - I fed my husband very well.


Mongolian Beef
Yes, that's a leaf made out of a carrot.  Never underestimate the bored.

And Beefy Enchilada Casserole with a spicy and garlicky homemade enchilada sauce.
Recipe for the enchilada casserole (tonight's experiment) is up at

Enjoy your evening - hopefully with all the chores done and a little time to wander down the hall

and write.



  1. Very nice.... congrats on the substantial progress!

  2. I love it when a plan comes together.
    Looks great so far.

  3. I mentioned before that my brother is also remodeling the kitchen in his old house.
    He too just finished the flooring.
    But neither he nor his wife can cook as well as you.
    Man that looks good.

  4. It looks beautiful. I love the range.

  5. Looks great.
    I really like your design.

  6. Your home is beautiful. I love the "Cottage/Mission/Craftsman" style. The Morris chair and other matching furniture are great. Plenty of oak and signs of care and craftsmanship.

  7. You had us at "pancakes", of course. Srsly though, it looks really comfortable, as home should be.

  8. Your home has so much charm and character.

  9. plumping........wait.......what did you call me?

  10. The kitchen looks wonderful! Hats off to Partner! Can't wait to see the new sink!

  11. I made myself happy by painting my floors yellow about 40 years ago. Red floors? ACK! from hell is for sure.


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