Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Barkley Supports Kevlar for K9s

In giving it's best to do it quietly, but in fundraising - sometimes you have to shout from the rooftop. Or perhaps bark from the rooftops - like Jacko here, one of the recipients of a Kevlar for K9's vest.

Each month sales from The Book of Barkley are donated to a specific group, selected by reference, personal knowledge, or experience with the group, each one a Section 501(c)(3) non profit with a long track record.

Aprils "Barkley Supports" is one close to my heart being the daughter of two LEO's,  Dad - who was military police early on in his Air Force career and my Mom - County Sheriff's Department.

All book sales in April will be donated to -

I recently met a lady by the name of Cindy Elkind when I was researching how to provide Kevlar vests for the law enforcement, military and search dogs.  In learning more about the dangers these dogs vest above and beyond what I'm personally witnessed, I wanted to do something to help, in honor of not just Barkley but my own Mom and Dad.
A K9 Forensics Team (yes, you don't always get to work in Vegas in an expensive suit)

Today's working K9s are put in mortal danger when doing their jobs.   Loyal, intelligent and highly trained, these remarkable animals give 100% of themselves, 100% of the time, unconditionally.

Kevlar for K9's, which Cindy founded and runs single-handedly, helps protect those brave animals the same way our troops and civilian law enforcement officers are protected--by providing working K9's with much-needed Kevlar Vests.

Kevlar for K9's uses 100% of donations to buy the vests, which cost up to $1300 each.  There are no paid employees, there are no employees;  just Cindy.  No donation monies to Kevlar For K9s  are used for advertising or administrative supplies.  If it is needed, Cindy provides it.  She's been doing this since 2007 and has vested approximately 375 LEO K9s domestically and 18 to military K9s to dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please share the word and consider a purchase of the book or simply a direct donation. I am hoping that with this months fundraising I can donate to buy a vest for one of these fine dogs.  Dog's just aren't our pets for those in law enforcement and the military--sometimes they are our partners. 

Read more of her story here and please share: