Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Steak-Outs and Free Ice Cream

I'll be busy at work the next couple of days, and then have a move to do.

I'm moving to a new crash pad.  My lease is expiring, and I'm not happy with either the current upkeep of the property or the new neighbors I share a wall and driveway with since my neighbor the cop bought a house.  They consist of the buffalo family and their feral children who spend their evenings bouncing things off the walls while the kids scream and cry and doing laundry at 6 a.m. on weekends when I'm coming off of work at 3 a.m.

I've rented a yuppie condo place in an expensive community (it's actually cheaper than a house though) but they allow large pets, which few nice places do, and have a dog park very close by. Yes, I could transfer to Chicago - but it would mean not being Gibbs, and I like being Gibbs. Squirrel retirement is looming (with my retirement pay based on the last three years of being Gibbs) so I look at it as an inconvenience for another year, then on to other things and more time at home to annoy my husband.

But cement between floors, a single one bed-rrom neighbor with a car that cost more than most of my gun safe, and a location far away from the road at least means I'll have some quiet in the evenings to write and relax when I'm working-- which is but a distant memory lately.

But the next few days will be busy packing after work, and I will have a couple of days with no computer but for a quick Facebook hi from a local coffee shop.  I'm going from multiple bedrooms and two baths to one bed/one bath so there's some packing and downsizing to do. Hello?  AmVets?   After that, the free ice cream will continue and I promise not to bore you all with the new book any further, though I will advise when the Kindle edition comes out.

Thanks for those of you that acknowledged it though.  It's not for everyone but the fact that a few of the many folks that visit here left a comment and bought a copy, even if the subject matter likely wasn't their thing, (there's no guns or  spaceships!!),  meant the world to me. You, my friends, all are awesome, and the reason I keep showing up here regularly.

See you all next Monday, Comcast  (shudder) permitting.
 - Brigid