Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Steak-Outs and Free Ice Cream

I'll be busy at work the next couple of days, and then have a move to do.

I'm moving to a new crash pad.  My lease is expiring, and I'm not happy with either the current upkeep of the property or the new neighbors I share a wall and driveway with since my neighbor the cop bought a house.  They consist of the buffalo family and their feral children who spend their evenings bouncing things off the walls while the kids scream and cry and doing laundry at 6 a.m. on weekends when I'm coming off of work at 3 a.m.

I've rented a yuppie condo place in an expensive community (it's actually cheaper than a house though) but they allow large pets, which few nice places do, and have a dog park very close by. Yes, I could transfer to Chicago - but it would mean not being Gibbs, and I like being Gibbs. Squirrel retirement is looming (with my retirement pay based on the last three years of being Gibbs) so I look at it as an inconvenience for another year, then on to other things and more time at home to annoy my husband.

But cement between floors, a single one bed-rrom neighbor with a car that cost more than most of my gun safe, and a location far away from the road at least means I'll have some quiet in the evenings to write and relax when I'm working-- which is but a distant memory lately.

But the next few days will be busy packing after work, and I will have a couple of days with no computer but for a quick Facebook hi from a local coffee shop.  I'm going from multiple bedrooms and two baths to one bed/one bath so there's some packing and downsizing to do. Hello?  AmVets?   After that, the free ice cream will continue and I promise not to bore you all with the new book any further, though I will advise when the Kindle edition comes out.

Thanks for those of you that acknowledged it though.  It's not for everyone but the fact that a few of the many folks that visit here left a comment and bought a copy, even if the subject matter likely wasn't their thing, (there's no guns or  spaceships!!),  meant the world to me. You, my friends, all are awesome, and the reason I keep showing up here regularly.

See you all next Monday, Comcast  (shudder) permitting.
 - Brigid


  1. I would be very sad if the day came you did not show up here. Loved THE BOOK OF BARKLEY and will be reading SAVING GRACE soon - right after we finish the count down to a daughter's wedding. Bless you, Brigid, and happy crash pad warming!

  2. And a smooth, uneventful move - Oh, the treasures you are going to find)!

  3. Oh Lord, Comcast... Vicky and I are praying for you..

  4. Good luck on your move. Got some strong backs to help out? And as Dave said, prayers for you, having to deal with Comcast!

  5. You're GIBBS? I thought you were Abby? No wait, that's your dog. (I'm so confused).
    "And a smooth, uneventful move" Sadly, Fourth Grade humor surfaced! (sorry Chickenmom).
    AND, more Food porn! Yikes! :-)
    Have a safe time moving.


  6. If you own your cable modem, make sure to get paper from Comcast acknowledging ownership before they establish service.

    Leaving Vantucky, Comcast attempted to claim ownership of my cable modem, and, thanks to a day spent on the phone, I now have a case number that I have to keep handy for the rest of my life in case their records end up confused again.

    Still, the alternative is worse. You know who I used to work for and why I no longer work there. Email me even if you are simply *thinking* of going with them -- I was trained as a customer service rep for scab duty in 2009 and know all of the arguments you will hear as well as their incentives.

    (Since moving back to their service area, my former corporate masters have me on a special "do not call" list since I am too rough on the customer service reps.)

  7. Good luck and send up a flare if you can't connect... sigh

  8. Wish I did not have such a heavy travel schedule, would gladly volunteer to assist. Hope there are a few strong backs around for you. And 343 days to my retirement :-) Best of luck with new digs and the next book...there is always a next book as Old NFO knows... fair winds everyone.

  9. Thanks everyone. I've got most everything but the kitchen and closest packed in boxes. Unfortunately - this is graduation weekend and with kids graduating both high school and college, my whole team at work is pretty much tied up. though they had offered to help (we're all that age). I've got all day Friday, and a dolly to work to move stuff by myself, and Partner in Grime will be here Saturday through Tuesday morning. Midwest Chick and Mr. B. and Og and Clan offered to help, but we can manage, and I've got movers doing the actual furniture on Sunday (I've got some heavy leather pieces and some seriously ancient electronics) I may be incognito for a couple-three days with the cable switch, but we should be good. Thanks for the kind words on the book. Amazon is showing it sold out, but it's print on demand, so I think that's 50% sold out and 50% marketing ploy, so feel free to place an order . :-)

  10. Brigid, Amazon has sold out. My copy was delayed until further notice. Probably won't be my cup of tea, but I try to support my vertual friends. Good luck with the move. Don't stain your knee.

  11. DoninSacto - thank you so much. My publisher is print to order so I think the "out of stock" is temporary at best. I know I ordered copies from my publisher and got them within 5 days so Amazon can easily do the same. They did this with The Book of Barkley as well. It's frustrating but part of the business I guess. Thanks for ordering if it's not a type of book you'd normally read. Like you I read everything virtual friends author for their support.

    I probably won't have internet after midnight tonight, but will have Partner post the comments if he can.

    See you all next Monday.

  12. I just received my Kindle edition of Saving Grace. You ARE Gibbs, only real and even more awesome. I wish you many quiet nights and pleasant dreams. Let us know if you start "building a boat in your basement."

  13. chuck w - your comment made my night. It was a tough day at work some organizational shuffling and that's always stress for all the team. And - with tornado watches on my route to go home, I'm not going to try it tonight it's pretty ugly up north. So thank you for making me smile. I do hope you enjoy the book, for as you may have already surmised - it's about a lot more than just adoption.


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