Wednesday, April 8, 2015

B.R.A.G.- ing Rights

Writing two books in 12 months, with a challenging career, family thousands of miles apart and a long commute-- was work, but enjoyable work.  Editing and marketing the book once it was published was even more work. It felt like holding down two full time jobs. Sure I could have got a publicist but that can cost thousands, money I didn't have with Dad's full time nursing care.  So I just started telling anyone I knew about The Book of Barkley, and submitting it to any reputable review site and those awards that didn't have  large entrance fee.   It's hard to get noticed when more than half a MILLION new books get added to the book ranks every year. The  blog community's support and the literary acclaim has been great but last Friday, on Good Friday, a day that's pretty difficult for me as it's the anniversary of my brothers death, I got notification that a well regarded group in the publishing industry, deeply involved in promoting self-published authors, and very selective about the books has given The Book of Barkley prestigious B.R.A.G. Medallion.

From their website: is owned and operated by indieBRAG, LLC, a privately held organization that has brought together a large group of readers, both individuals and members of book clubs, located throughout the United States and in ten other countries around the globe. The word "indie" refers to self or independently published books, while B.R.A.G. is an acronym for Book Readers Appreciation Group.

"Our mission is to discover new and talented self-published authors and help them give their work the attention and recognition it deserves. Our primary focus is fiction across a wide range of genres; however, we selectively consider non-fiction books as well.  One fearsome, yet reassuring, statistic is that IndieBRAG rejects 90% of books that it considers. Not quite two years old, it already has an excellent reputation as a serious “Guardian at the Gate”. At the recent Self-Published Book Expo in New York, IndieBRAG presented an authoritative report on self-publishing and was the only panel out of 17 filmed by C-SPAN’s Book TV."

I’m honored to have The Book of Barkley recognized with such an honor and happy to be part of a literary family so passionate about independent authors while they raise the bar on what can be expected from authors working beyond the traditional publishing standard.

It will show up on their homepage on the 16th of April.

Thank you, all of you, who have shared this journey and supported both the effort and my family.
 - Brigid, as always, in memory of Barkley


  1. But of course!!! I wouldn't expect anything else from this wonderful journey you shared with us all.

  2. Congratulations Brigid!

    (Don't forget, during those 12 months you kept your blog going strong as well. So, when DO you sleep?)

  3. 1st Man - I so appreciate all of the support from you two.

    OldAFSarge -There are many days I get up after only 5-6 hours of sleep to write before work. I can't do that often, but sometimes it's necessary. On the plus side, I can type 100 wpm with gusts to 135. That helps..

  4. Very well done. I, and all of your readers, couldn't be happier for you. Very well done!!

  5. Congratulations! It is well deserved

  6. Well-deserved congrats, ma'am. Well done!

  7. Excellent news! And even better that such good news came on a hard day for you.

  8. Most Excellent! :)

    I have followed your blog for four years and never posted. I am frequently touched and awed by your words.

    I LOVED TBOB an have told several of my dog loving friends about it. Everyone I referred the book to has also loved it!

    Looking forward to reading your next book.

    Congratulations and All My Best!

  9. I can backspace 45 words a minute... that wouldn't help, would it? It'd take me decades to get that kind of (and gusts of 135) output.
    Congratulations Ms B
    Thank You for sharing with us.

    Rich in NC

  10. Well done, indeed! Congratulations on the recognition of your efforts.

  11. That is great and well deserved!

  12. Maybe it was Big Bro smiling down on Good Friday.

  13. Thank you everyone and a special welcome to B. Lawrence who left their first comment.

    I never would have gone from blogger to author without your encouragement and support, all of you.

  14. Woz - I would like to believe that is so. My best to you and your family.

  15. Congratulations! This book, while deceptively titled about a dog, is actually a collection of exquisite recollections and reflections as L.B. goes through so many of her life's pivotal moments. Her descriptions would prompt me to stop at times, and tearfully remember some of my own experiences, and how they shaped me. What a brilliant writer--sensitive, funny, and oh so real.

    I can only imagine the book Barkley would have written by himself, if only he could have shaped the words to describe the depth of his affection and respect for his dear companion. He loved her for her pure and gentle heart. He loved her more than, yes, even a million times more than he loved...bacon.

  16. And I've always felt honored to meet and walk him, for only so briefly....

  17. Congrats on the wonderful acknowledgements for the book! Go you! I'm quite certain your brother was looking down upon you smiling and feeling so much pride in you!


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