Friday, April 10, 2015

It's back there with the World Championship Riesling

I have just 48 hours before going on duty again, not enough time to go home and Partner is putting in a sump pump before we have more basement flooding, so it's a brief bachelor weekend.

 I stopped by the liquor store after getting a haircut to pick up a spare bottle of something to have a Friday night  nightcap with. We have a handful of  liquor stores in crashpadville and surrounding areas.  A couple are newer chain stores, with the remainder being smaller and older ma and pa places.  I stopped in at one of the older ones, simply because it was on the way home from the hair salon and the nice new chain one would be a longer drive and I like to business with non-chain stores.

I had  stopped at this one after the last haircut and bought a $79 bottle of single malt and the part time clerk about had a heart attack at the cost (they don't appear to do a brisk single malt business). This time, I just went for Jameson. I had a little trouble finding it, it was actually with the American Whiskeys and bourbon. The clerk, bless his tattoo covered heart, took his time and  helped me locate it.  As he rung it up he said. . .

 "What is this?'

 I said "it's Irish Whiskey".

 He holds up the green bottle and, I'm not kidding you, says

 "Does it taste like MINT?"  

OK, perhaps I'm a scotch/whiskey snob, but that just made me hold in the laughing until I got to the truck.

Nite everyone.


  1. Heh, good night to you as well.

  2. Yes ... and Guinness tastes like licorice. (gigglesnort) :)

  3. Catch up on the sleep... And Jameson will help... LOL

  4. Should have told the clerk that it tastes like the four leaf clovers from which it is distilled.

  5. What do you expect from a couple of generations of clowns who chugged Goldschlager and DeKuyper and thought they were being sophisticated?

    Christ amighty that crap is horrible.

  6. A better response would have been "No, but it is magically delicious."

  7. You should have beaten him soundly with your shillelagh!


  8. OK - next time I go there, I'm taking you all with me. You had much more quick and witty comebacks than I did! :-)

  9. Jameson is featured prominently in a recent episode of "South Park", but I guess the audience for that show skews older as of late.

    Costco lobbyists wrote the liquor deregulation in WA State, and, as a result, a lot of what would normally be sold in specialty liquor stores is now available at places like Fred Meyer -- kinda surreal. The downside is 20.5% sales tax on top of the existing federal and state taxes.

  10. It tastes like the blood of Leprechaun Virgins.


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