Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Happenings - That's the Way the Violet Crumbles

What's Going on at the Range -

Actually it's crashpadville again for today, as I'm getting ready to move to another crash pad.  My lease was up, after three years my rent had gone up and the nice police officer and his wife had bought a home and moved.  I now have the Buffalo family sharing the wall and the driveway with me, as their herds of stampeding children run and squeal and play. They're a nice, hard working young couple, but multiple kids under the age of five doesn't work well when I often work weird hours and have to sleep in the day. So  I'm moving to a brand new one bedroom condo with granite countertops, a huge tub, better construction, one that shares a wall with another one bedroom, likely to be quieter.  It's even closer to work which is also a plus. No, it's not cheap, but here I'm "Gibbs".  If I transfer closer to home I'll be a Ensign Ricky from Star Trek, on the bottom of the totem pole with pay that matches and on the road all the time or a desk bound bureaucrat. So Partner is all for me staying and doing what I love for now.

So this weekend was getting stuff packed up to move soon.

I bribed Partner in Grime to come down from the Range today to help get organized for the next long weekend when I can make the move.
Cinnamon Rolls from Scratch earlier, frozen, then thawed and heated up.

He earned it.  This weeks Range project was to put in a backwater valve at the same time we replaced a sewer line that had a crack in it.  Flooding was a problem after unusually heavy rain events back to back, last year.
No - that's not heavy.

So he was ready for a little break. After the moving boxes were assembled and set in the spare bedroom it was time for lunch.
Mix half and half sweet chili sauce and soy sauce and add a couple teaspoons of honey and some crushed red pepper flakes,
Stir fry with rice noodles, chicken and veggies.

Then we ran a few errands.
To the retro candy store on the West side of the city.
So I could get my Violet Crumble fix.

As well as Dad's favorite - huckleberry salt water taffy.
Back at the crash pad it was time for a game of backgammon..  The backgammon is new for us, and as competitive as we both are, we laughingly refer to it as backstabbingammon, as we pounce on each other's lone piece to send it to the bar (like a penalty box).
Come on Mom, quick playing games - Animal Planet's Coming ON!
MOM - It's not Animal Planet - It's "What Hillary Accomplished in Washington" on the TV again. 

OK Abby - we'll watch something more entertaining than a blank screen with you while we have a snackie supper.
Coney Dog Sauce Nachos

Ring - it's the phone - It's Dad and he wants to say hi to both of us!
 No - I was not stealing a Nacho. I was keeping your spot warm, and look, I'm asleep. (peep)
 Really - I don't know what happened to that missing cheesy chip
It was worth it bwahahahahaha.

And finally - since it was "Buy a Gun Day" this week.  Here's a photo Partner took of our purchase, taken down in the basement.  With the new kitchen floor, major basement re-plumbing, moving costs and Dad care, our gun budget was a bit limited.

You all have a safe and wonderful weekend.


  1. It's probable that at sometime in his career your brother learned the US Navy variation of backgammon, Acey-Deucey. Give it a try!

  2. If you have a reliable third player, the "Munchkin" card game is loads of backstabbing fun.

    So -- How many times this weekend did Mr. Brigid hit repeat on the video of BB-8 rolling out onto the stage in Anaheim on Thursday?

    How DID they do THAT? :)

  3. Moving isn't the problem, FINDING things after the move is... sigh...

  4. That Bee Sting is some good stuff. Beef, pork, chicken or version sausage, don't know what it is better on. I even dip single popcorn kernels in it.


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