Monday, April 6, 2015

Sometimes You're the Windshield, Sometimes You're the Bug

The drive down to Indy was four and a half hours due to heavy traffic and a couple of wrecks  I laid low in the slow lane for the most part, tiring quickly of playing Frogger with the truckers that jump into my lane without signaling.

Only a couple of scares - some idiot put those huge round wooden spindle things that hold metal wire or various heayy tubings   (you know those ones you usually see on giant semis strapped down 12 ways) on one of those little flatbed trailers you might be able to haul a teenager's dirt bike on.

The strap gave way and one of the two on there went bouncing cross the tollway, all lanes, until crashing into the median.  I was very thankful for sitting up high in the bat truck where I caught a glimpse as it went, hit my emergency flashers to warn others and got over to the lane opposite the way it was rolling.

That made the stretch through Gary a piece of cake.

Then super heavy traffic coming out of Chicago south.  I wasn't sure why, until I pulled into a rest stop only to be followed by about 8 trucks and SUVS with these giant flags srpouting out of the roof. As exhausted as I was, I could only think "great, first crazy driers,  now ISIS", but it was a convoy of sports fans headed to the Final Four in Indy.

Dad asked if I was going to watch.  I go on call at midnight so tea, hot bath, superwoman jammies, then sleep. I might watch machine gun curling - but I'm pretty bored with most sports.

After that folks - all I have for you tonight is this.


  1. Tee hee hee...

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

  2. Despite my childhood spent reading DC comics voraciously, I hadn't seen that one. I'm surprised no one thought of that before. :)

  3. Most sports bore me, too. I suppose it is because I am older, but I find myself in the right lane more often these days, just trying to avoid the crazies.

  4. Trucker hate. How precious. Thing is, I hate most of them too, and I AM one. ;)

  5. That deserves a GiggleSnort!

    Glad you avoided the cable spool disaster, that thing could've squashed some little Eco-box car like a bug.

  6. My rant is that water falls through the slots in the top of the other driver's heads and shorts out their brains, like the childhood tv destroyed by a sibling's Kool-Aid. My friends now join me in the chant whenever we meet up somewhere during a rainy spell.

    Otherwise, I never considered Wonder Woman to be bulletproof...that removes some of the special qualities that I liked about her. I'm good with "fast enough to interpose a shield" levels of disbelief suspension, but the fact that she could be hurt and still did her job was definitely part of my admiration. Admittedly, I'm still a Linda Carter fanboy. :)

  7. Sadly, you don't have Buc-ee's on the road between The Range and Indianapolis. :)

    Austin passed an ordinance forbidding driver's to touch phones or GPS units while a vehicle in motion. This sounds great at first until you realize that the city already prohibited texting, and someone reporting a APD speed trap on Waze is now risking a $500 ticket.

    I have already seen "Waze Traps" on I-35 entering the city limits -- cops with binoculars scanning cars instead of radar guns. Catching speeders isn't nearly as lucrative anymore.


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