Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Barkley - On Giving Back

Mom - it appears someone ate the last Bratwurst

I got my first royalty deposit from Amazon U.K.  No, it wasn't huge, a few hundred dollars, but it was the first proof, on a professional scale, for me anyway, that I'm an author. (I know, it hasn't quite sunk in yet). I called Partner at 5 a.m. squealing like a first grader to tell him the news, that and the sales figures that had just come in from the publisher showing the number of books sold in August. 
What did I do with it that first deposit?  I gave the money via PayPal to someone out in the Internets down on their luck, someone I admire and who genuinely needed it for a household repair of sorts though they would never ask for help from the outside, with Partners concurrence and gracious understanding.
That felt better than anything I could have selected for myself.
But thanks to your support, on and off line, 494 copies of The Book of Barkley were sold in August. I'd like to give a little of that back, a good bit of the money helping to assist with Dad's in-home nursing care and some going to Lab Rescue after I verify the costs of publishing are covered.
Money is tight for so many people, and certainly, I've been there, more than once (Raman Noodles is gourmet after you've eaten an oatmeal sandwich or two).
So, in addition to my friend Nature Girl's Book and those put aside for Team Borepatch and the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser (just a few days remaining!) I still have some copies of the first print of The Book of Barkley here (with two free typos and assorted non-tactical commas!)
If you would really like a copy and just can't afford it, drop me  a name and address to ship it to in a "DO NOT POST" comment and I will mail you one via USPS until those copies run out and then will delete your personal information.  Please keep your comment  short or blogger won't let me read enough to get to your address without posting.  

D.S. - Since you asked, send $20 to the address below for your book, (includes shipping) and I'll throw in the second book for your friend. 

Wild Hare Enterprises
Attn: BOB
1101 Cumberland Crossing Drive, #307
Valparaiso, Indiana  46383

Friends - you don't have to justify why you need it, and don't be embarrassed to ask.  As I said, money is tight for many, many families, other than for essentials to living. If you want it autographed, tell me how.  And if someone takes advantage to get something for free, at my expense, they can just look themselves in the mirror in the morning and know that if Barkley were still here, they would get more than the evil eye. 


  1. I am so glad your book is doing well and you have to be a very special PERSON.

  2. Yes, I too am glad to learn your sales were good. It is also kind and generous of you to help others.

  3. What great news, congratulations on getting your first royalty payment! Paying it forward is the best feeling, and it makes the world a better place. May your kindness be returned to you a thousandfold. Here's hoping for many more readers discovering your wonderful gift of writing.

  4. You are a gem, Brigid. A rare angel in a world gone mad.

  5. All human beings can be broken down into two categories. Givers or Takers. You are the former. It's the main reason you are my friend.

  6. W.L - your books went out yesterday. Your comment was too long to get to the address without posting. If you'd like to resend your friends address in another comment, I'll get that out tomorrow (I'm leaving for work in a minute). If you don't see this right away, I'll send the extra book for them to your address. Bless you for attempting that dog rescue.

    J. - I couldn't read your address either due to length of comment. Please just resend the comment. My best to you.

    Sorry, I forgot blogger only gives me a snippet of the comment if it's pretty long.

    Keads - thanks. Let me know if you Mom would like an extra copy to read while she's going through her treatment.

    Old Oakie - I am glad as well, as it will make a big difference in the care I can provide Dad as full time care at home isn't cheap (he doesn't have insurance that covers that). I wish he'd just live with us, but he wants to die in that home where he outlived two wives and two children. I understand.

    Gigi - I told my husband that if I at least broke even, I'd write a second one. On adoptions. Being adopted with Big Bro and giving my only child up for adoption and being a Lab rescue Mom, I think there is a story somewhere in there that won't make people fall asleep. We'll see.

    Brian Miller - Trust me, I've had my "I was a selfish idiot" moments in my life, which always comes with a price, but thanks.

    Brighid -Before the holidays- Oregon Coast with Dad, call me for the itinerary.

    Stephen - thank you, for the friendship over time (and barbecue sauce!)

  7. B, we got the autographed book the other day, we were in the garage assembling a table saw, the guy set the package down on convenient box while we worked, we checked the address label while we worked, and my wife said "Wild Hare? Did you order some kind of Porno?" I had to stop and think a bit to remember it was the book, thank you so much. We are both reading the Book of Barkley now.

  8. Ohhh man should have read all the comments before posting.....mark me down for a Pre-Order on book two :)

  9. Save me one for the ogwife. We have it on kindle but she wants an autographed copy.

  10. As you and I were saying, being published for any reason other than wanting to get rich is the only way to go. I got mine published just so my sister could hold it in her hands. My first royalty check (if it can be called "royalty") flew into the paws of a no-kill shelter. The second check went for sacks of dog food and dog beds. I love giving when it's not requested.

  11. You are constant proof that good things happen to good people.

  12. I don't comment here much because your writing usually leaves me pretty much speechless but I am gonna give it a shot this time. I'm glad to hear your book is doing so well. Its stirring how you are using the proceeds to help others. Kind of a three-to-three-ish thing that's really inspiring. I do hope that you reap as you are sowing! I know this will sound childish but Barkley helped you get through some tough times and its almost like he's still helping people too. Well done!

  13. Congratulations! You have such a giving heart, Brigid. Thanks for being you. :-)

  14. Thank you all of you!

    It's been a day and I'm heading to bed soon.

    WL - if you haven't seen my note by morning, I'll mail the book to your friend to your house.

    AD - your book went out tonight, as did O's friend J. UPS so you will get it soon, the driver picked it up a I was leaving the store.

    Night all, thanks so much for your continued kindness and support.

  15. I fall into that time where money is too tight to be buying books but my local library ordered your book. Picked it up yesterday and finished it late last night. I laughed, I cried. Thank you for sharing Barkley and all your writings. They leave me breathless.

  16. Brigid, are autographed 1st printings still available?


  17. Once Free Man - just a handful. Leave me a "Do Not Comment" with address first and tell me how you would like one.

  18. glasslass - WELCOME! I have to say your comment made my Dad. My book is in a library? Since it's not available in bookstores, just online, that is really, really cool.


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