Tuesday, September 16, 2014

View From a Shop

In the Range basement a shop has taken hold; bit by bit, adding an assortment of old tools. antiques, artifacts, and things that make us smile. This is by the door to the outside, for it's a walk out basement, with just 3 steps up to the driveway.
That made it easier to set up certain heavier pieces.

You'll have to click on the picture to read the signs.
Each day, unofficially punching in, is a new adventure.  But, due to the flooding, before any other projects are started, there will be cement work, a sump pump to put in, as with 8 inches of water over just one night in a village with  ancient shared sewers after some previous hard rains, we had flooding even with the floor drain.  While we were both out of town.  Anything in working condition was well off the floor, but we still had a big  mess to clean up.
But, it's getting there, a work in process, like the rest of a 100+ year old home. All the Shopsmith stuff is still in the garage with Miss Madeline, the current TR6 restoration, to be moved in here when the floor is done and sump pump installed. I'm not sure WHERE "The Mangler" is going to go, even if it's just a working "Free on Craigslist Conversation Piece".
Til then Barney keeps his eye on things . . .including a beloved single stage press that can craft him his single bullet.  I have a love/hate relationship with many tools as evidenced by my 2012 Tool Advice but I still love to putter, as my Dad would say.
There's lots to be done, but still, it's just a fun place to hang out even with our goofy signs. For as Red Green said - "If you can't stay young, you can at least stay immature."


  1. Nice! Wish I had the room to do so. I seem to fill the place up with *ahem* other stuff.

  2. Keads - I know that feeling, about half of the 1200 square feet is shop, the rest is storage, for books, magazines, camping and prepping gear, a bunch of uniforms and gear for reenactment fun then there's a bathroom (to be overhauled still though the toilet works) and laundry area. I will eventually bring more of my stuff up, but since a lot of updating is going to happen as far as walls and some flooring, I'm leaving most of it at the crash pad for now.

  3. Looks cozy and practical. A great mix. Jealous here. My basement shop is supposed to look like that but it's just a mess.

  4. Cool play area. Lots of neat toys.

  5. OK I am seriously jealous. The monsoonal rains caused the roof of my shop to collapse and all my stuff is covered with tarps. Got a lot to do this winter! good job!.

  6. --The Mangler?
    Idly inquisitive minds want to know!

  7. Windy - one of those old commercial irons -


  8. It is good that you have a place like that in case the big wind blows. It would be good to have a pump set up that doesn't require electric as sometimes the power is out after a huge storm.

  9. Man that looks like a wonderful place to tinker :)

  10. Is that an Atlas mill? My dad had the lathe and a separate mill....amazing things were created!

  11. RE: sump pump. Pro tip: Large UPS. No, bigger than that. No, still bigger. Second Pro tip: check valve in the output pipe, between the pump and the trap. Yes, you want a trap.

    Don't ask.

  12. The floor drain can be a source of flooding.
    Consider a stand pipe from the drain to the floor joists above. If appropriate.

  13. I've been a machinist over 50 years.
    If I visited would you make me clock in?

  14. I haven't heard the name RED GREEN in 20 years, but I see Barney every day. Just can't stop watching Andy and remembering simpler times. We used to have to pump out our Indiana basement every spring by using a 1 3/4" fire hose (it helps to be a firefighter, or know one) and a submersible water pump.

  15. Murphy's Law - this one occasionally explodes into pure mess, but it gets straightened up again when the project is over.

    RichD - toys are good.

    Mohave rat - sorry to hear about your water mess. Thanks for stopping.

    Sunnybrook Farm - we're going to get a generator when we can. With Dad's nursing care, that's a big draw on the budget.

    immagikman - the picture doesn't do it justice, it's a lot of fun.

    Rumbear - indeed it is, that photo in the Ford Exploder on the ride home with the "it followed me, can I keep it?"

    nosmo King - understand and thanks.

    Ed Bonderenka - I'll pass that on to Partner. He'll be the one coordinating whatever permits we need with the Village.

    tjogre - no, but you might have to drink one of the cold beers when the work is done

    lotta joy - I LOVE Red Green. I don't know if you made it there when you lived in Indiana but there is a Mayberry Café in Danville IN that has the squad car in front, and little TV's with the shows playing in the booths. The food is really good, Aunt Bea's Fried Chicken my favorite, and it's a fun place to stop.

  16. My email does NOT WORK! thanks Verizon. Just a note to let you know "the BOOK' arrived today. Sent latest installment of Outrageous Tales, Sea Stories, and Outright Lies, by Snail Mail. Should be there in 30 days or so! Everett

  17. Everett - I so loved the email stories of early Navy life you've sent over time, can't wait to read the whole thing. Hope all is well with you and your bride.
    Love - B.


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