Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Old Friends

Dad and Barkley - Old Friends

My dear friend Vic posted a fun little piece about her Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue dogs she got from Texas Independent Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue - TIRR  (she provided a photo below) called Old Friends . (click on link to open)

I just loved it and told Partner in Grime "Vic did a piece using a Simon and Garfunkel song, but now it's about dogs!"
He looked at me, lifted an eyebrow and said--

"In the clearing stands a boxer."

Smile, take a peek at Vic's post and consider a Rescue Dog or a tax deductible donation, if you have some extra to spare with love but no room in your home for another dog at the moment.  I love Abby, who I adopted through the caring hearts of Love of Labs Indiana--LOLIN. 

They can't replace the dear furry members of our family we have lost, but they are a balm to the heart, and a joyous greeting when we are downtrodden.  It outweighs all that we go through to make them a brief part of our lives and I don't regret making that journey again.


  1. Awesome! A good cause for these noble creatures that sneak into your heart on four paws.

  2. on a small rock at the front of our vet's office is this saying....

    "Our Pets lead us from patience to love and then to loss...
    but it is always a journey worth taking."


    Like this Post.
    Thank you Ms B.

    Rich in NC

  3. I wasn't allowed furry pets as a child, but made up for it as an adult!
    We currently have three dogs and 2 cats (all rescues of one kind or another) - it's always challenging and entertaining.
    And there's always someone to love you!


  4. Thanks for the LOLIN mention. :-)

  5. Wonderful! All the four legged critters in our house are rescues of one stripe or another. It can be a hard journey sometimes, but most certainly worth it.

  6. We have two rescue dogs. Worth every minute/penny of the time and trouble involved going through the process to get approved.


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