Monday, September 29, 2014

Kilted to Kick Cancer - End of Days

It's the final showdown hours for Kilted to Kick Cancer  As you all know, I donated to a number of you, but I officially blog backed Borepatch as this was his first year at this and he lost his Dad to this disease not all that long ago 

I donated a few copies of The Book of Barkley to those who donated $50 or more to Team Borepatch as, like Ted's Dad, my Dad is battling it yet again, but at 94, it's harder on him.   THANK you all of you,  but for the next 24 hours, I'll donate The Book of Barkley, autographed if you request it, to anyone that donates $24 dollars or more to Team Borepatch.

These are ones I get direct from the publisher.  They are far from free and they don't count in my Amazon sales numbers. But I could just get them fast,  and I can get them out in the mail tomorrow with shipping on me.  I have 25 of them. They arrived today.  When they're gone, they're gone.  But I'm doing this for Ted's Dad and for my Dad, whatever it costs.
Send a screen shot of your Paypal receipt for your donation to borepatch at gmail dot com, along with your snail mail address and we will do the rest.

A couple of folks have stated with regards to my Dad's issue "all guys in their 90's have it".  And that's true.  But my Dad was originally diagnosed when he was in his 60's, a newlywed after remarrying a widow he met in Montana after my Mom died fairly young to cancer when Big Bro and I were still just fledglings.  Thanks to the research that Kilted to Kick Cancer is funding, he's still here, fighting that fight again. But the quality of his life during those years, as a man, was impacted and I saw how that effected him.   Let's do what we can to keep improving everyone's options.
I'm backing Team Borepatch and hope you will too, for this means more than you know to him on many levels, with the loss of his Dad still fresh.  But this is about the fight, as he would agree.

Hit Kilted for Cancer's donation page  and hit the drop down menu for your team of choice. If you can, make a donation. Make it to the team of your choice, but if you haven't done so, or can afford to do so again, please consider doing it. If you make the donation to Team Borepatch for $24 or more, you will get a book and a tax deductible donation. However you donate, and to whomever, you have our thanks, and the thanks of those who have battled and gone before.
Because, these fine men, who have worn a kilt for a month, would agree, it's not about which team wins, it's about winning against something much bigger.

Let's make it the end of days for this dreaded disease.


  1. Og's Mlle Jenny here. I received your wonderful book yesterday and thank you so very very much. You are so good and it gladdens my heart to see how bright your corner is. :D Thank you for all you do and are and be.

  2. Old NFO - bless you for being part of this. I hope my donation to your team, makes a difference in someone's life.

    Jenny - thank you so much and I was happy to do it for you and a few others that wanted one. Keep in touch. Og and I go back many years, off blog, so any friend of his, is my friend.

  3. My Father is a survivor of this after removal of his in 2005. It is personal to me and I sent what I can as I do every year. It DOES matter people! Do what you can to stop this disease.

    My Father is still here giving me grief because of these efforts =)

  4. Brigid,

    Thanks for all you are doing to support this worthy cause! Been wearing my 511 kilt in support. Hope I'm too late, but just donated to Borepatch in hopes of receiving one of Barkley's books.

    Best regards,


  5. Larry - Thanks for your donation! Please send me your address in a "DO NOT POST" comment keeping it short so I can all of it without having to publish. Thanks.


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