Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Post from Abby the Rescue Lab - On Bacon and Longing.

Bacon for a Dog is Like Anything We Long For.
It could be a companion or spouse for the single, divorced or widowed; a job or a better job; a safe, warm home in which we are forever cherished and loved. It could be good health and/or the end of daily pain.  So much in the heart we may long for,  and are too often disappointed by, along the way.  But if we are blessed, and have faith, we can usually find our path.
So from Abby, who after months in a shelter, heartworm positive, sick, lonely and scared, got her forever home, thanks to the Love of Labs Indianapolis folks, some words of advice for those of you who still want.
Wishful longing  (I wish I had some bacon)
Anticipation (I know if I'm quiet and good, I'll get some bacon)
Happiness  (There's bacon on the counter, and it's for me!)
Wanting  (It's been so long since I've had bacon)
Reality  (The bacon is ignoring me and  is going somewhere other than my bowl.)
Let Down  (The bacon is gone!)
 Disbelief (I didn't even get a real  goodbye).
Sadness  (I miss bacon)
Loneliness  (Everyone in the world has bacon but me!)
Hope.  (Someday, there will be the perfect piece of bacon, and I will find it, if I just sit patiently by the counter).
OK, just a little piece, Abby.
You just had to be patient.  God had a plan, you just had to wait until He was finished making it.


  1. the burning question is how much bacon do you eat each month???

  2. Rob - if it's the Awesome Amish Bacon from Beef Mart (yes, that's the store's name, it's not a euphemism), probably a pound and a half to two pounds per month for the two of us.

    Usually, bacon is Saturdays only, and we don't skimp. But it' a treat.

    This winter, when the temps are really cold, I'll ship you a pound.

  3. Brigid,
    I received your book today. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
    I hope to read it this weekend.

  4. Thank you Daniel - I'm glad it got to you OK.

  5. Is that 2#cooked per month each? ;-)

    Just kidding. I could eat 2# cooked, I would eat two pounds cooked, but I shouldn't eat two pounds cooked, so I won't.

  6. Poor Abby. I can relate. Went into the hospital at 6ame today for a procedure. Orders were to be fasting. Smelled bacon cooking.

  7. Sometimes it is hard to wait for the plan... Abby looks happy!

  8. Ah patience, Abby. Good things and bacon come to those who wait.

  9. It's easy to see Abby found the right home!

  10. Mmm... bacon! :) I don't use bacon in nearly enough foods.

  11. I love the expressions on Abby's face for each of the word captions. They fit perfectly! Did you speak the word to her and then she came up with the appropriate visage? Pretty dog.

    Basically the same as the first one!

  12. Monkeywrangler - that's about 2 pounds for us both. Bacon is a treat, usually eaten on Saturdays.

    I got the results from my blood screen today from my yearly physical, cholesterol still well below 200, triglycerides 160, HDL (good cholesterol) 78 and LDL (bad cholesterol) 48. My doc wrote a note on it that "HDL/LDL is awesome!"

    It's the lard :-)

    Well Seasoned Fool - I had to fast before the aforementioned blood work. By the time I got to work I could have almost eaten at Burger King

    Brighid - she's such a sweet dog, but I can't trust her near the trash. I walked to the mailbox and she'd snagged the wrapper for my Tanko buffalo bar out of it.

    mushroom - thanks for stopping!

    Jennifer - thanks for the short chat today. Hope your day ended well.

    Sherry -when she hears children, she get all excited and goes to the window. I think she was in a home with little ones. It's so sad to see her perk up as if it's her old family. I will do what I can to bring her nothing but happiness.

    Wendy - you'd probably have to word search it in my blog, but try and find "mock armadillo" a recipe with bacon wrapped pork tenderloin from a guy friend from Arnprior who worked in the Defense Department in Canada. If you can't find it, drop me a note or call and I'll email it to you.

    Everett - I just snapped pictures as I prepared supper, it was fun to watch her. I loved the story you sent via snail mail. You and your wife had quite the grand time there, didn't you?

  13. My wife loves me. Two strips of bacon every day.

  14. Mm Bacon.

    There's slightly over a pound of bacon in my fridge awaiting some cooking. Mayhap tonight. (no, I won't eat the whole pound at once. Though that would be fun.... for a little while)


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