Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tag - You're It! Favorite Meals

Everyone has their favorite meal, one that if calories did not count, or you didn't know if you'd get another one.  For me it would be tough, homemade mac and cheese, bacon and pancakes, steak and a baked potato, Halibut fish and chips, (fresh caught out West, not frozen) Caesar and oriental chicken salad, homemade tacos, sourdough bread, grapes, apples, watermelon, it's hard to have just ONE favorite food.
One of my favorites is also one of the simplest, something Partner made for me one night after the long weekly drive home. Beef Chow Mein.  It's pretty simple, garlic, soy sauce, black pepper, a splash of Worcestershire  a pinch of sugar and a bit of corn starch to help it stick to the meat, pan try in a little oil, reduce heat and add a half a can of beef stock and simmer two minutes, remove meat, simmer a couple handfuls of veggies until tender and serve over crunchy chow mein noodles.

It's the best beef dish I've had that someone else has made since Mr. B's Pepper Steak and something I could eat every week.

Sometimes, a favorite is the most simple of things.  Warm Australian Damper bread with butter and golden syrup, a recipe originally made to bake down in the coals of a campfire.
Partner, however is happy if I just make  him a plate of bacon with biscuits and  country gravy for Sunday breakfast.
Or a pot of coffee with scones with maple/bacon/whiskey glaze
 So, if you had just one, what would be your favorite meal.
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  1. Like you said, some of this would depend on what mood I am in at the time...if I want breakfast, then there is no beating a plate of peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes. But, in general, I think my version of Zuppa Tuscana(bacon, sausage, potato and kale)is what I would whip up if they told me there was only one night left.

  2. Souvlaki (lamb or pork; no chicken please)done over coals on warm, fresh pita, lots of raw onions and tomatoes, and slathered with thick, garlicky tzatziki - preferably home made.

    Mom's home made soup and fresh hot rolls after a day of hockey on a frozen pond would be a very close second.

  3. Steak,cooked over mesquite, med rare, from a steer that was grass fed and allowed to hang til it was ready to fall of the rail. Smothered in butter sauteed bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms...

  4. Tomato soup made with milk and grilled cheese sammiches.

    For extra credit sprinkle some garlic on the bread before toasting.

  5. I love a chicken caesar salad that I make myself. I am also fond of a giant salad with Amish blue cheese sprinkles, fuji apple slices, garlic croutons, and craisins (dried cranberries) Broiled chicken trips on top are pretty fantastic as well.
    If calories did not count then I am fond of a 90% lean ground beef shepherd's pie. A generous macaroni and cheese is very satisfying, as is a great pizza.
    Of course, if calories REALLY did not count then my favorite meal is a lava cake at Kohr Brother's frozen custard with both chocolate and vanilla soft serve on it. (It has egg and so it's healthy as well as delicious.) I had one once for my birthday a couple of years ago, and to me, it was a meal.

  6. Ramaki.
    Or a good ribeye and redskins.

  7. I vacillate between the perfect grilled steak and a well prepared Thanksgiving feast. Those, and a perfect breakfast, with eggs over easy, hash browns, a good local thick sliced bacon, and coffee that is the perfect roast. All enjoyed without any specific task afterward, except to digest at peace, and possibly a nap.

  8. Salad w/ a GOOD EYEtalian dressing, followed by (beef)lasagna w/garlic toast. Accompanied by a good, rough Chianti.
    A-larger-than-legal portion of tiramasu w/cafe au lait.

    GREAT, now I've made MYSELF hungry!


  9. Pot roast with taters, carrots, onions, celery, etc. all done up together in the crock pot, real slow until the meat falls apart, served over warm home made bread and smothered in gravy. Oooooh yeah...

  10. One package ground traditionally spiced sausage. One large can white hominy. Mix hominy with sausage as it is frying. Enjoy with a cup of strong coffee. Go out and farm 40 acres...

    And proper sour buckwheat cakes. Still trying to get the proper starter going. Uncle Lynn always said "You got to let em rot a while before they're good" and cousin Bud says Grandma's were special so it may take a while to get it right.

  11. Pulled pork sandwiches, a perfectly cooked steak, roast beef and twice baked potatoes, gosh I have too many favorites to list!

  12. You still remember that dish?


    BTW, I did explain why I had to learn to cook well, didn't I?

  13. Tough call. I'm always a sucker for a tasty burger. No crazy stuff on it, just a nice thick cheeseburger.
    Though if the restaurant has it, I'll go for fish and chips usually, so does that mean I like it more? Probably.

    Breakfast would be different, that'd be biscuits. With either a great honey, or sausage gravy.

  14. A GOOD hamburger and french fries... sigh...

  15. Steak (medium), bacon (crispy edges, fried not grilled) and eggs (sunny side up with a soft yolk) for breakfast, with a strong cup of black coffee, OJ optional. Nothing sets you up for the day quite like it in my experience.

    Garnish with black pudding, white pudding or haggis if desired.

  16. If I had to pick just one, Mashed Potatos, Gravy, Venison, & Corn on or off the cobb.

    Second Choice....Pizza, Peperoni Extra Cheese :)

  17. Nochebuena takeout from a *real* Cuban restaurant in Tampa or Miami.

    Cuban cooking outside of Florida just isn't the same.

  18. Pot Roast, with Potatoes and carrots, all dropped in a big crock pot and cooked til the Roast pretty much falls apart under a stern gaze, with gravy made from the juices, and fresh, home made biscuits.

    With that in mind I think I know what I'm putting in the crock for later this week :D

  19. Greebos favorite meal is anything some one else will cook for him
    + a cold dosXX ambar

  20. HOT CHICKEN SANDWICH!! or poutine. We like anything drenched in brown gravy (we call it BBQ gravy) ;)

  21. It's my lunch break and now I'm hungry for EVERYTHING!

  22. Short Ribs in wine sauce served over Polenta.

  23. So many good things, so little room to let out my waistband before the size 36's boldly go where the 34's had gone before (into the Goodwill box...)

    If I had to pick just one thing, make it Anasazi or pinto beans crockpotted low and slow with about their own weight in red chile, a chopped onion, garlic to taste, and a meaty ham bone. Bed down some rice onto a big tortilla; spoon up the beans; add avo or sour cream or cheese or all three if you're feeling decadent; top with cilantro; roll up; bliss out; wash down with IPA; enjoy lengthy nap.

  24. Chicken Enchiladas.

    Everyone that eats them wants the recipe.

    There is no set recipe, 'cause it goes by memory and varies each time.



  25. My mom's stuffed meatloaf. She flattens the meatloaf, adds a layer of salami and provolone, rolls it up and bakes it.


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