Saturday, October 4, 2014

WHO Sees Too Many Internet Ads Like This?

900 year old Time Lord looks 40.
Dr. Oz "Better Than a Facelift!"


  1. It is the bacon that does it don't let them sell you some herbal junk.

  2. It has been said before, the Internet is the Information Superhighway!
    Not True!
    It is the Information Junkpile!!
    Like many a picker, one must be judicious in selecting the information or wares found therein.


  3. It's regeneration cream that does it. Works great for me - although it isn't working so well for the twelfth Doctor. But still not ginger!

    (I just realized that that comment probably looks nuts to anyone who doesn't know Doctor Who...)

  4. Sunnybrook - bacon!

    armedlaughing - I've been having fun looking at "worst book covers" on the internet. wow!

    Katy Anders - brilliant! I figured a lot of folks wouldn't "get it", but if you read the sidebar ads for miracle creams and watch Dr. Who....

  5. Info junkpile is right...LOL Never got into the whole Who thing...

  6. Unintended side effects may include an orange glow, growing back missing appendages, and bed head.

  7. I don't know. Pelosi had face lifts and he has that crazed look she has.

  8. At least it wasn't Matt Smith. ;-)

  9. The frightening part is that people believe the ads and send their hard earned money with the dream of that promised miracle...

  10. "Very Arthur Dent ... Now, there was a nice man."

    -- The Doctor commenting about the pictured outfit

    I had to stop and rewind that episode to make sure I hadn't misheard the quote.


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