Monday, October 6, 2014

Canon Fodder -- Weekends in a Picture

Remembering those friends we love we don't get to see often enough
Maybe if they fling a whole barn door with this thing. . .
It's the weekend, a little sugar is good. 
Interesting door at a dwindling mall.
Perry the Platypus - always on guard.
If you grew up in the 60's.
America's biggest threat.
That would be a No.  Even at half price.
Coconut with hot fudge, vanilla and pineapple
Coffee, salted caramel and vanilla
Dead leaves, but somewhat geometric.
Pizza from the cast iron skillet.
Chasing contrails.
The other toys have stuffing!  This one was sucked dry by some plush toy vampire!
The team will need treats, because it's a Monday.

Afternoon interludes.
Thai  - one of the few foods we'll go out to eat for.
Abby is glad to have her Dad home.  I'm just glad that they are in my life.


  1. Indeed. Family and friends help share the burden and make it less cumbersome.

  2. Beautifully captured moments, as always. Glad you got to shoot some clay pigeons -- where does the time go, it's been a year since I've been to the gun club!! Abby looks so happy, it's wonderful to see. And now I'm hungry, thanks to your pizza pictures. ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing your pics. Abby looks very happy.

  4. Pizza and goodies!

    Great, now I'm hungry! :-)


  5. Heh... Yep, seen a few coffee cups on top of various vehicles... :-) Glad it was a good weekend!

  6. You're one heck of a photographer.

  7. keads - Your mother and all of the family are in my prayers right now.

    Gigi K - Abby is very happy and contented here. You have to try the cast iron pizza. I've done both thick crust (using bread dough) and the thinner, corn infused one and both are great.

    Rob - thank you my friend. I'm really enjoying your stories from the lake.

    armedlaughing - I had a rice cake with cashew butter for dinner, which was a 30 minute break. I didn't get home until almost 9 tonight. Tea, then, bed, I think is in order.

    Old NFO - It was a great little weekend, if short (I normally work 10-12 hour shifts so get a longer weekend, but not this one)

    RonF - Thank you, I just see things in a certain light and grab the camera. But for every good picture there's 5 of "why did you take a picture of a fire hydrant?"


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