Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bites and Sound Bites

I'm actually home after the bat phone ringing a couple nights in a row recently. Thank you- posts written previously.  Though I did have time for a few emails with people I like (chatting online for me is spotty at best, as there are just not enough hours in the day, many days, to even check email, let alone maintain good communication with a lot of the people).

Tonight, no real thought, probably little entertainment, just a note on what's on my mind tonight.

Ebola -  The world is crazy enough, with ISIS consuming the Middle East, beheading innocents and inciting lone wolf jihad on folks on social media that are identified as military.  Then we add in Ebola.

I can't get the Elmer Fudd "Be Vewwwy Afraid" out of my head.  That's about all I can say on it, but the sign at the CDC cafeteria right now probably reads like this:
But there was a really bad new CSI episode about an Ebola-like virus in Las Vegas. The forensic procedures were greatly amusing and included wearing high heals in Hazmat environmental suits, and people in full on protective gear wandering around waving exposed needles in each hand like the Robot in Lost in Space, to better puncture their own suits. (Danger Will Robinson! Danger!) As my friend Roscoe said, having watched it - good fun, really horrible science.
TBOB - On a much cheerier note--I just finished autographing 30 copies donated to be placed in baskets (you do not want to see the mayhem that is my table) of goodies to be auctioned for the Hendricks County Humane Society Wine Tasting and Silent Auction event Nov. 7. The first Hoosier "Range" was in Hendricks County,  so even though I now longer have a house there, it has a warm place in my heart.

Writing the book was easy (but for the tears). Marketing it is NOT so easy. Monday, I missed chatting with my favorite Pilots and LEO's (and LEO pilots) at Scotch Night, due to the whole bat phone issue. However, I sent the following in a text as they were discussing TBOB, the first copy having been purchased by our fearless leader--
"If the Scotch Club guys want an autographed copy, let me know.  I'll even write naughty Sea Shanty's in the inscription--look, I'm a newly published author and a NA-265 driver--I have no shame."

THANK YOU, all of you, who continue to share it, link it and review it. All of my readers have heard about it, but now comes the hard part...getting people outside of this immediate community to see it and read it. I sent free copies to a few people outside of this blog network that said they would "read and review" but so far....mostly  the sound of crickets. People are busy,  know, other things come up.  It was worth a try though.

So I'm telling everyone, and asking others to spread the word, in and outside the blogosphere. If you enjoyed Barkley's life and want to share the message of love, faith and hope that he left, please tell others.
But it's sold 576 dead tree copies as of Oct. 6 (plus Kindle and  Nook) and the proceeds have helped with a major household repair for a blogger (with some funds donated by a few others of you as well), helped another couple who had a profound loss in their family, raised a few hundred dollars at a Fundraiser for a Rescue organization back East, provided help to Dad for transportation and care and helped raise money for Prostate Cancer Awareness (OK, and I bought the BIG tub of cheddar popcorn at Heidi Pops).
I've also provided a bunch of copies with notes of "thanks for your service" to Veterans Homes and also to some folks that wanted to read it, but their budget didn't allow for that. My friend Vic MD is also working on doing the reading for books on tape for the blind for a organization in Kansas.  I pay for cost of doing it, and I don't make any money on it, but we thought that was a great idea and she's been a reader for this particular organization before.
So I will ask again, please spread the word.  I didn't write this to get rich, it's a whole lot deeper than that.  If you can, please request your local library get one.  So far 33 libraries have ordered a copy for their shelves. All it takes is your kindness, and a phone call.
Abby the Rescue Lab - She's good, asleep on the floor. We have two wonderful providers for her on the night's we are both gone, either staying in the home or one having her over to their house with their pets. It's not often we are both gone,  but it's great she's so happy with others she trusts, in an environment that's "home".

She's adjusted really well. But she does NOT like water, rain or mud puddles, and walks when it's really wet out as if the ground is electrified. But she's getting better at it and is very gentle on the leash unlike  "ripped my meniscus out Lab".  I miss Barkley every day, but she is love and devotion throughout the healing.
What's in the KitchenMake Easy Muffin Tops - Just use the Walmart Great Leaping Horny Toads! Brand "non stick" spray.
And finally - for Dad - because my family is why I started this blog (you all are just like extra bacon).
Someone is looking forward to Halloween.


  1. 576 dead tree copies? That'll go up as the Christmas shopping season gets underway.

    I did call my local library and put in a request to purchase. I also will call another library where we used to live.

    And I am glad Abby is doing so well. After all, her job is to fill the Abby-shaped hole in your heart, not the Barkley shaped one.

  2. My equivalent of "high heels in Hazmat suits" is Abby and McGee brute forcing AES256 encryption in an hour using the lab PCs ... or McGee's laptop.

    The Jonathan Mostow-directed pilot epsiode of "The Last Ship" is fun, provided you can overlook:

    1. Scientific inaccuracies.

    2. Military inaccuracies.

    3. Baldwin brother as 1st Officer

    4. "Doctor McSteamy" as Captain trying too hard to be Gibbs

    5. Series is *loosely* based on the book

    OTOH, Michael Bay and Mostow do a good job filming things that go boom. The pilot even features France getting nuked.

    Most nights, I unwind by working down my TiVo-ed stash of "Pawn Stars" episodes.

  3. I'll take "extra bacon" status, and be proud of it.

    She's TOO cute!

  4. Christmas Presents. We don't have all that many family left now, but each and every one will get a copy of Barkley. I need to scamper on over to Amazon and do me some super clicking.

    Love and kissies to Abby. So glad she is fitting in. I hope she will be another Great Dog for you. We love each dog that comes to us, but we love each of them differently.

    Fair Winds, Following Seas and a safe Port,

    Cap'n Jan

  5. Keads - give my best to your Mom. (and a hug to your Dad, just for doing what he is doing)

    Monkeywrangler - thank you so much for requesting a library copy! Your popcorn went out tonight, they still had some packs of the pickle and the buffalo ranch flavaor for you and the 3 and 1 /2 gallon of sharp cheddar cheese was being made as I arrived and they'd just boxed up Immagikman's order. I won't be at my mailbox for a few days, so no rush with the check.

    Roscoe - "Abby and McGee brute forcing AES256 encryption in an hour using the lab PCs ... or McGee's laptop". BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    PPPP - indeed she is. But I came home tonight and there's a dead squeaker on the floor all covered with drool. But I can't, for the life of me, see which toy it came out of, they all appear intact. I have a feeling after a glass of wine I am going to be conducting a plushy toy autopsy or two to find out for and suture the hole.

    Cap'n Jan - thanks so much for the notes and the comment over at of the stories there are ones from here, but I will try and add new ones and photos you've not seen every couple of weeks. Thanks so much for the multiple orders. I think Amazon actually tracks by how OFTEN the book is ordered as opposed to how many copies in a day.

  6. Thanks for the head's up Brigid. I'll make multiple orders. I am a prime member.

    Would you prefer that I bought the book elsewhere? Amazon is convenient, but I am not averse to going elsewhere.

    Thank you for the lovely post above this one. I realize that you are writing for your family and your (close) friends, but when I read your words they are for me. ;-> At least it does feel that way, so I say thank you again.

    I'm heading out to the boat for a week, but will have some connectivity. I'll watch this post to see if you answer the 'Amazon or Elsewhere' question. If no answer in a week, I'll proceed with the Amazon Purchases.

    Fair Winds,
    Cap'n Jan


  7. Cap'n Jan - Amazon is good! Thanks so much for everything, including your words. Be safe in your travels.

  8. A terrible toast I 'borrowed' from a friend
    "Friends my come,
    And friends may go,
    And friends may peter out, you know?
    But here's to friends until the end,
    Peter out, or peter in."

  9. I'm so behind on your posts....but catching up a little every day. So glad to hear Abby is doing well and helping with your healing. I bet it's a real treat getting her to go potty in the rain!


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