Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Basset Hounds

When I sold the original "range" to purposefully downsize, I got rid of a LOT Of furniture, donating most of it to Amvets, selling only a few pieces.  I ended up with a few nice pieces, enough to put into a small house. Then, on meeting my future husband, that house location changed, and that furniture ended up in a crash pad, I maintain during the work week.

That left a new (well, new is relative when it's a hundred years old) Range to populate.  Partner had a beautiful heirloom table and chairs, a rocker from his family and some bachelor stuff from his college apartment, but it needed a few more things to make it more comfy for two.  Some tables were restored, a mission chair was built and recovered.  Lamps and paintings were added, lace picked up at the thrift shop for the windows.

The last project was to replace Partners ancient Ikea couch from college. Over time the taupe cushions had faded from brown to pink and the whole thing was, well, . . . . 

sort of an eyesore.
There were some good memories on that couch with Barkley but we needed a larger and more supportive one.
We looked at some Amish built furniture, but the price was just too much to justify.  We can afford it, we just chose NOT to spend our money that way, which leaves us more for savings, for charitable donations, for helping the less fortunately, for preparedness.  That's more important than someone walking in and being impressed by my "things". And I did NOT want cheap "Wood-like" furniture. So we started picking up free furniture, things tossed out because they were scratched or dinged or needed recovering, but all solidly built, out of hardwood.
I came home one day to find this in the garage.

At one time it was a very expensive Bassett sleeper sofa, then a family with three young kids had it. The wood was totally scratched up, the cushions toast, the fabric really  late 70's or early 80's ugly. The frame was still good, the mattress never once slept on.  We got it from Craigslist with a "make offer".  In this case, a case of beer was the asking price from the husband wanting to just get it out of the house.
The cushions had all the support of a wet noodle and were pitched.  We purchased some foam, some fabric and some leather from Tandy for the trim.

Once the wood was stripped, sanded and refinished, it was time to remove the last of the Disco fabric--
while the cushions were hand crafted, the covering completed, and the leather trim attached to the top and bottom of the frame.

For less than $300 total in materials it's incredibly solid and should last a lifetime. The machine washable suede-like fabric can be easily replaced or cleaned.  It's also very comfortable, with good support for the back.  But do you know the best part?
It's been Lab tested--
and approved!  zzzzzzz


  1. ROFL! (and nice work, by the way)

  2. Outstanding! :-) Lab tested... LOL

  3. Lovely job in refinishing and covering that mission style sofa bed! Abby looks like she thinks she isn't supposed to get up there either. Poor girl looks guilty.

  4. Very nice! Do y'all take requests? I might have a guest soon =)

  5. Rev Paul - thanks, he did the hard parts, I mostly stuck myself with needles and made sandwiches.

    Old NFO - Abby did enjoy it. That was one of Barkley's favorite sun spots.

    Monkeywrangler - she does look guilty. She's not allowed on the bed, but the couch is OK. There is a reason it's covered in black. Besides, I have two granddaughters under the age of 5 who are half Scot and half German. If they can't destroy that couch, the dog can't.

    RichD - thanks and it is SO much better than paying a couple of thousand for a hardwood mission one that's new.

  6. Good work, good ethos.
    Rewarding, eh?

  7. Poor TR6. Where's the love Brigid??!! I'll take it off your hands if you want. It will have a good home promise. Oh how I drooled over that car when I young one...

  8. Very nice! And a good spot for Abby.

  9. Testing with animals. Tut-tut, you'll get PETA after you!!!

    You guys did a great job!

  10. Lab tested! Ye got me! Seriously, I absolutely love the sofa and what you guys did with it. I concur - we're not out to impress, merely be comfortable. I know many a good pal will get to sleep on that bed - with or without a lab.

  11. Ed - it was indeed.

    Luc - it was only briefly underneath the cushions and surrounded by stuff. We needed room to pull the whole bed part out of it and it was hard with the restoration project in there. But she's coming along.

    Jennifer - she does like it, but usually prefers to lay on the futon where she can watch me on the computer.

    Marty - thanks, it was incredibly beat up and ugly, except for the frame.

    laurab69 - hello my friend. Thanks for the stop and the comment, I'm really happy with it. The kitchen gutting is next, but may wait til spring, so it's easier to grill outside and such while I have no stove.


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