Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gone West

Shasta rests after a long walk on the beach, homemade olive tapenade and cheese and crackers on the table, chicken with mushrooms and homemade pesto heating while the homemade pasta simmers. Lots of wine and laughter and chocolate chip cookies.

My favorite cousin is here with her Partner, preparing the food with me, the table to be set as everyone comes in from one last walk on the beach.  We needed the walk after the Halibut fish and chips.
We all had many memories in this place and we know Big Bro is watching down on us now, and smiling as bread is broken and hands are joined in prayer.
At the coast with Dad and most of our small  family that remains, two corner adjoining suites, four  bedrooms and some special time together, my gift to them.

Back later. (and yes, it's windy)