Thursday, October 23, 2014

Each Day

Each day, there are small blessings all around us, arriving on soft feet.


  1. Thanks for the post! It's a sweet=spot in my over-long day!

  2. B,

    Been dropping by but finally get a chance to say "hi" again! It's been way too long. Life got silly busy for a while. Hoping to have more time for writing and reading soon. Daughter number two has finished year 1 of college with 3.999 something average and is still devoted to criminal justice. I did contact you when you lost Barkley. That's always hard. But I didn't know you got married until I went back some and read! And of course you've been through some other rough stuff too. Anyway, hope to comment at least occasionally and ramp my blog back up. We got big doins coming to the ranch. I know you check in every so often! Thanks. Take care.

  3. And if we don't pay attention, we miss them...

  4. Aww. I once had a shop cat that was convinced deer were large yellow dogs, and he was going to defend his territory.

    Looks like this one got a much friendlier inspection. :-)

  5. Great shot indeed. But you'd break the glass and scare the dog.

  6. Is it a sin for you to provoke envy in me?

  7. Monkeywrangler - "Backstrap" the deer. . bwaahashaha

    Thanks everyone - that's Shasta, one of the family dogs, a Queensland Heeler. She's as sweet as she is smart

    Doubleportionranch - thanks so much for stopping by. Hope all is well with you.

    Just a quick stop at a Starbucks - back sometime, not sure when.

    hugs all


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